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We all love the idea of having beautiful and elegant “cover” houses, but we often fall into the trap you have to spend a lot of money to have them!

Actually, it is a matter of using small attentions and a few tricks to immediately elevate the perception of our environments.

I have talked about how to do for the house in general, for the living room and the bedroom, today I would like to see how to make the kitchen feel more luxurious!


I apologize if there are sometimes suggestions that seem obvious but allow me not to take anything for granted.

I will not dwell on cleanliness, but we know and have repeatedly said it does not go hand in hand with the idea of luxury!

We can say the same for clutter!


If we pay more or less attention to what we have immediately in sight, we don’t always do so with what is “hidden” in the cabinets; however, when we are forced to take them out, the chaos is immediate.

Having a thousand colored jars, tin, boxes, and packages creates visual clutter, even when they are more or less well arranged.

A good idea is to try neutralizing these shapes and colors a bit, using glass, tin, or ceramic containers; doing this would immediately elevate the perception of the kitchen.

Having the same type of container will immediately make everything much more harmonious!

These containers can be found almost everywhere and at all prices.

You can then put labels on them (especially for tin or ceramic jars) to remind you what is inside.

Of course, this can be done more with dry foods!

When you open the cabinets, everything will be tidy, and if you have to take them for cooking or put them on the table, you will be able to keep things in order!

(credits:; Laurel Bern)


That is one of the 2023 trends we saw a short time ago that actually gives that touch of “luxury” that we are looking for.

To do this, one of the first things is to get all small appliances out of sight by arranging the ones we use infrequently and “hiding” in a lowered cupboard the ones we use daily, such as the coffee maker might be!

Maybe you don’t have the wall unit that goes all the way to the countertop to hide these items, and it’s probably not easy to add this element, in that case consider changing these small appliances by buying new ones that are, if not designer, at least particularly beautiful, that maybe even give a splash of color!

Only items that can also be decorative should remain on the countertop.

On the countertop, as already mentioned, you can leave the small appliance, if particular or design; small jars with spice plants are perfect; you can also leave jars with flour, sugar, and/or coffee in sight if placed in glass jars!


Still, you could think of a beautiful vase of branches or flowers and, if you like it, classic cutting boards!

For the latter, I recommend not putting the ruined plastic ones on display; better the wooden ones that also give a touch of warmth and texture!

Speaking of texture and warmth, another way to do this is to use baskets, where, perhaps, you can store things.

This is both in the cabinets and on the top!

Another lovely idea, if you really have a lot of elements, is to group them on a tray: this will give the composition boundaries making it more studied and less chaotic!



It is increasingly easy to see kitchens with free-standing fridges, and we often fill them with magnets, photographs, and papers!

For a more luxurious kitchen, this is really not the best!

This, too, creates visual chaos.

If you like to have a few keepsakes, it is not that you have to give them up completely, but leave possibly a few choice pieces, and if you have many, rather change them often!

A clean and essential fridge will really make a big difference!



Again as a matter of tidiness, avoid leaving the detergent bottle, whether it is for dishes or hands, as well as the dish sponge in sight.

That is unless you use special dispensers, as we saw when talking about decorating like a pro!

You could create a small arrangement with the dish detergent dispenser (and, if you use it, the one for your hands) placed on a small tray with, instead of the sponge, a dish brush, perhaps made of wood.

This small detail will make it more studied, elegant, and, therefore, luxurious!


It’s hard not to have the drainer wall unit above the sink, but if so, I would say avoid the drainer resting next to the sink, preferring a drainer rug instead (beware of colors!).

That is because they have less visual impact, and you can put them away for ease once the dishes are dried!

(credits:; ebay)


To have a kitchen that looks luxurious, you shouldn’t underestimate the choice of potholders, towels, and aprons.

So choose towels that don’t look like rags, but can give that extra touch!

If you can get them to match the potholders and apron if you use them!

Change potholders when they get ruined because they will immediately jump out at you!



We have also seen this among the kitchen trends for 2023: the kitchen is a room like the others in the house, and, therefore, it is good to use the same care in decorations.

It is not mandatory to have only paintings with food or drink as their subject or a board with magnets…

Bring to the kitchen a cute photo gallery or a beautiful painting, maybe abstract… use what you would also put in the living room or bedroom!

You don’t necessarily have to spend crazy prices; we have seen it before: you can also use a little imagination and, for example, create beautiful paintings with particular fabrics!

You can hang the pictures, but you can also put them on the countertop or shelves if you have them, and maybe even create a small composition with other items!



A simple yet brilliant way to make the kitchen look more luxurious, and cover-worthy, is to have a particular, high-end element to which you can add more “normal” pieces.

You will thus create a focal point that will immediately elevate the perception of the kitchen.

It can be anything from an impressive painting to a beautiful glass vase, a souvenir from a trip… in short, anything that you think would give that extra touch!



Lighting is really super important for good design!

Add the under-cabinet light if you don’t have it yet; there are LED strips that you can easily install without having to do any work.

You might think about adding them, as well, above the wall cabinets to add some overall light and give some depth too!

Again to give depth and create something unusual, you could also put LED strips at the foot of the cabinets to illuminate the floor!

Lighting effects help give that extra touch to the environment.

ligthting luxurious kitchen


Also, you might think about putting on the countertop, or the island if you are lucky to have it, a lovely table lamp!

That sounds like a peculiar suggestion, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s a great way to add both: an additional source of light, which never hurts, and a little atmosphere!

That will make your kitchen even cozier and more studied!



Details definitely make a difference: if you have a kitchen that maybe is already a few years old, changing the handles could really change its face and give it that extra touch!

All at an affordable price!

The same goes for the sink faucet: changing it could give a new look to the sink area!

All these great little touches will help you make your kitchen look more luxurious and studied!

Obviously, you don’t have to do everything immediately, but you’ll see that if you start taking your cues from a couple of these suggestions, you’ll see the difference right away!!!

more luxurious kitchen


I hope this article about how to make a kitchen more luxurious was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested, I will be honored, and it will help me get my name out there.

If you feel that your home, or some environment of it, does not reflect you enough, do not wait any longer and book your consultancy!

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