When one buys a house, it is very likely to have to do a minimum of renovation, tending to be at least the bathroom(s), often the kitchen as well, and review the electrical system.

When facing a renovation, however, the risk is running into mistakes that will make you waste time and money, as well as bring you a lot of stress!

Today I would like to share with you some tips to succeed in your renovation and get to have the home of your dreams.


I know: once you buy a house, you can’t wait to do the work, furnish it to move, and live in it FINALLY.

It is normal and understandable, but precisely this rush will lead to stress, loss of time and money, and the risk of not having the desired result, above all!

What usually happens is that you buy a house, decide to redo the bathroom, maybe the kitchen, throw up a wall here, pull up a wall there, and maybe overhaul the electrical system.

So you call a constructor company, chosen, if it is good, by word of mouth, if not searched online.

You bring it into the house, explain what work you would like to do, and ask for an estimate.

Maybe you bring in other constructor companies, to get more estimates to compare, then with the same amount of work, you choose the least expensive.

And finally, it’s off to renovation!

Assuming that everything works during the renovation, this could lead to problems later in the furnishing phase.

The first is that maybe you fall in love with a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit, and it would have been better not to knock down that wall or build that other one!

Or you still miss a socket where you would have needed it, and so, then, you have to compromise!


Once you have bought a house, the earliest first thing to do would be a detailed project, including furnishings.

By furniture, I don’t mean knowing precisely what sofa, for example, you will want to buy.

But knowing that in that room, you will want a sofa of that size, shape, and color.

The essential is to have a clear idea of what furniture you need and how you want to place it so that it is functional for your everyday life!

You may find that that wall you wanted to tear down is better to maintain instead!

Also, by knowing exactly where you want to place the various pieces of furniture, you can put sockets and lights in a way that is actually useful and practical!

The kitchen is one of those rooms that should be studied first and carefully so that you can get the connections put in the right places.

Don’t let the connections determine what the kitchen should look like!

Once you’ve studied the furniture layout and then planned for any structural changes, it’s time to create a mood board to figure out the style and colors you want in your home.

A mood board is a sheet where you put all the pictures of the furniture and accessories you would like to have; putting it all together gives a complete view of the final result.

(If you want to know more, I’ll talk about it here.)

Of course, if you already have furniture, you will have to start with its style and colors!

The mood board will not only help in buying furniture and accessories but also when choosing materials such as doors and tiles!


Once you have the project in mind and seen the feasibility (especially if you’re tearing down or building walls) with a surveyor or architect, you can search for the proper construction companies.

A single contractor with turnkey or individual workers? Both of these choices have pros and cons:

  • with a single contractor, the various workers know each other and have already worked together, and you will have a single point of contact
  • with individual workers, you will have lower prices, very likely; the company will not add its percentage on the various professionals.  The choice, I would say, is very personal.

Having a detailed plan, whether you choose individual workers or a sole contractor, will be very helpful because you will know what type of work, what materials you want to use, how many sockets and lighting points you want, and where you want them.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but this will get you a much more accurate estimate and not be dictated well or poorly by the experience taken of similar works!

As for materials such as tiles and doors, I suggest that YOU go in search of the ones you want.

I know it can be long and maybe even boring after a while, but this will bring you two huge advantages:

  • you will have a wide selection, and you can touch it!
  • you will know with certainty the value of what you have in your home.

If you go through the construction company, you will have a much more limited choice because they will only bring you what their dealers offer them, and most importantly, you will not be sure of their actual value.

You might pay dearly for something of low quality (I speak, unfortunately, from experience! I’ll tell you about it here!)


When there is a home renovation, consider that there will be extras that could not be budgeted for before.

Generally, once you have an estimate, calculate at least 10/15% more!

However, in order not to run into nasty surprises at the end of the work, with significantly higher bills, I recommend that you always get a status of the extras!

Always keep track of everything so that you always know where you are going and have the option, possibly, to give up or modify some work!

Always be aware of everything, don’t get carried away by events!


When you ask for an estimate and start the work, you are also given an end work date…

As small as the renovation is, like you have to expect extras, keep in mind that there may be delays!

That can happen for a thousand reasons; it is part of the “game.”

If you “trust” the agreed-upon date and schedule the move and/or new furniture deliveries for that time, you are actually at risk of throwing money away.

That’s because, as just mentioned, delays are almost inevitable, and if you’ve arranged everything, you’ll have to block and organize it all over again!

Now if it goes well, it will just be a hassle time-wise with increased stress.

But if it goes wrong, you may have to pay a penalty for canceling or pay to keep the furniture in storage at the store!

Don’t be in a hurry!

I know you are looking forward to living in your new home, but haste is always the wrong counselor!

It will bring you a lot of stress, charge you more, and maybe you won’t get the result you want and deserve!

I hope this article was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

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Having a scented home is very important for one’s well-being; in fact, scents, like light and colors, act on our psyche, making us feel good or not.

We experience the home with all the senses, so also with the smell, and a scented home will elevate the perception of rooms by giving them a touch of style and sophistication.

So today, I’d like to see with you some ways to keep your house smelling fresh all the time; some of them will seem obvious, but I’d prefer to mention them anyway!


That may even seem trivial as far as being obvious, but changing the air by opening windows is the most important and the easiest thing to do!

It is paramount to do this daily, perhaps in the morning when the smog is not yet too intense.

Also, do it every time you have cooked; actually, it would be a good thing to keep them just open while you are cooking, in winter if you have windows set up, you can open them to flap so that not too much cold can get in, but smells can get out.


The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms where moisture is most likely to be created:

– in the former, especially when cooking;
– in the latter, either when showering or hanging out the laundry (for the lucky ones who have laundry rooms, the moisture will be created there!).

It is essential, here too, to ventilate because humidity brings some unpleasant smell and stale air.

Another small caution is to pick up the laundry when it is fully dry because if it is even a little damp, this moisture will give the clothes an unpleasant smell instead of a good scent.

In the closets, it is also advisable to put bags of dried lavender or Marseille soap flakes, it will scent the laundry even more, and the scent will invade the room whenever you open the doors and drawers.

(credits: casa e giardino;


Unfortunately, many things can leave unpleasant smells in the house; earlier, I mentioned cooking and moisture, but there are really many others: shoes, garbage, dirty dishes, and pets…

When you arrive home and take off your shoes, it is a wise idea to let them air out on the balcony for about ten minutes and then store them in shoe racks or boxes, thus preventing them from leaving odor around.

For the same reason, always taking out the garbage bags and cleaning the bins, as well as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine become paramount to having a scented home.

For those who have pets, it becomes a priority to frequently clean the kennel or cage, change the sand in the litter box, and pick up the food bowls when finished because these are all things that leave unpleasant odors, you may not smell it anymore, but any guests will.

(credit: Dana Miller)


That may be something we pay a little less attention to, and if we change the bedclothes often, maybe we don’t do the same with bedspreads, curtains, pillow slipcovers, etc.

All fabrics you have in your home absorb odors and release them in turn!

So here is why washing curtains, blankets, pillows, slipcovers, etc., frequently becomes essential to have a home that always smells good!

That also applies to rugs and sofa covers; actually, the latter should be bought with removable covers for this very reason.

I know it is a bit tedious and time-consuming work: however, it could become a great opportunity and excuse to change the face of the house!!!

You could, in fact, having a removable sofa, take a second cover of another color or material, the same for the curtains, pillow slipcovers, blankets, bedspread, etc…

Every time you have to wash them, you could change them!

By doing so, you will not have to stay with a “bare” house due to the time of washing and drying, and precisely you will have environments that change often!

That might make this cleaning a little more fun!



There is nothing better than plants and flowers to scent the house!

Of course, we have said many times it is not always possible to have fresh flowers in the house, some do not like them, but there are some effective tricks!

The first is to have bowls of potpourri, to change frequently.

Or to create compositions of fake flowers on which to put two drops of essential oils every now and then!

For the kitchen, it will suffice to have a few jars of herbs that will give off their wonderful fragrance.

For the bathroom, I’ll give you a cheap and super effective little tip, put a few drops of essential oil inside the toilet paper roll: try it to believe!!!



Last but not least, use perfumers and candles!

You can find candles of all scents and shapes on the market!

That will not only smell good but also create atmosphere and give warmth to the room!

Then, of course, as just mentioned, there are also perfumers, and, again, there are many kinds.

There are burners, the terracotta ones, at the top of which you put oils that evaporate because of the candle underneath.

These, like candles, also give that extra touch because they create a little atmosphere.

Then there are essence diffusers: those that keep in the plug and the ultrasonic diffusers that give off fragrant vapor.

Finally, there are room sprays.

My advice is to keep the scents the same in the various rooms to avoid mixing too many fragrances that might then annoy!

Better to change fragrance every now and then than have different scents at the same time!

(; maisons du monde)

I hope this article with tips to have a scented home was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

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Today, I would like to share with you some tips and tricks used by interior designers to decorate home with style!

A few suggestions are really very simple and usable right away in your home!


It is paramount that furniture and accessories are correctly scaled to the size of the room and in proportion to each other.

Furniture or elements that are too large will give a feeling of an overstuffed and confusing environment.

Conversely, too small will be lost, giving the feeling that something is missing.

So to furnish and decorate in style, it is really essential to measure the space and buy items with the correct size for that specific place and in relation to the rest!

(credits:; Bronxes Studio)


Our eyes really like symmetry: it is something that subconsciously calms us!

Decorating your home in style using symmetry is undoubtedly a great thing to do…

BUT, as always, without overdoing it, because then it can get boring!

Perfect symmetry, if repeated over and over again, loses its appeal then, making the environment flat.

The key word is always BALANCE, so don’t be afraid to use asymmetry you only need to balance it visually!

Now let me explain:

If, for example, you decide to put a picture above the couch but not centered, you can balance on the other side with a beautiful floor or wall lamp.

Balancing visual weights will maintain a balance even without perfect symmetry!

The important thing is not to decorate only one side of the wall or place all the furniture in one area of the room without balancing it with something: otherwise, it will look like something is wrong.

(credits:; Knoll)


The right or wrong use of color will make a big difference in decorating your home in style.

Color has deep psychological significance and is a fantastic ally for our homes.

You can use it on walls, furniture, and decorations, such as pictures, pillows, and vases…

Unless you want a total white or total black or total grey home, you certainly use some colors: in fact, neutrals are colors because they will have a definite undertone (actually, unless you use pure colors white, black, and gray, do too).

You can have a monochromatic home, that is, using the same color everywhere, changing the saturation and intensity: this creates rhythm and does not make everything flat.

You can also use color just in small touches, so in a room, which tends to be neutral, add a few colorful elements here and there (a pillow, an ottoman, an armchair… for example!).

Then, again, you can use different shades of this color to give that sophisticated and stylish touch.

Of course, you can also use more than one color by creating a well-thought-out color palette that allows you to have a balanced and harmonious environment.

If you are afraid to use color, proceed in small steps, with small elements first!

(credits:; Sean Litchfield)


When making your decorations on a coffee table, a console table, the shelves, or a bookcase, always make compositions with an odd number of elements.

If you put only two elements next to each other, there will be a bit of a feeling of something incomplete; something put there somewhat randomly.

One is an odd number, so, especially on the dining or coffee table putting only one object, perhaps a vase with flowers, may be an option; the only caution will be that it be proportionate to the surface on which it is placed.

The fact remains that three is always the perfect number, although nothing prohibits making five-element compositions as well.

Small clarification, if you put books on top of each other and place an object on there, the whole thing will be considered as one element of the composition!

When making these groups, to make them attractive and sophisticated, always remember to play with different sizes, materials, colors, and finishes.

The elements should create a triangle or diagonal, as always, to give rhythm and dynamism.

Also for compositions, pay attention to the things mentioned in the previous point, namely, the proportions between the elements that make up the composition itself and this in relation to the place where it is placed!

(credits: boho-farmhouse-decor-home-tour-2020; Scout & Nimble)


Throw pillows are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate your home in style.

It will also allow you to change the face of your environments whenever you want!

In fact, once you have bought different-sized and shaped interiors, you can purchase different slip-coverings that you can replace at every change of season, for example, or whenever you see fit.

The slipcovers do not take up too much space and, as just seen, allow you to renovate your home with ease.

I recommend considering throw pillows as any decorative object and so, also with them, as mentioned in the previous point, make compositions in groups of three, or at any rate, always in odd numbers on the couch or bed.

Therefore, even with throw pillows, it is good to use different sizes, colors, patterns, and textures in the composition to give some rhythm and dynamism.

Be careful how you mix patterns, keep in mind the colors, but also the scale of the designs so that each piece blends well with the other (I talk in detail about how to mix patterns here).

Avoid, unless you are in an armchair, leaving a pillow alone, it would seem to be put there a bit haphazardly!

A well-designed composition will immediately give a sophisticated and elegant effect.

(credits: Enorm d’Acheteromme;

Little Tips:

– to get pretty filled pillows, get interiors a little bigger than the covers.

– if you like to give a magazine look to your pillows, get interiors that you can shape well (not too dense, to be honest), and then once it’s pretty filled, you can karate chop it with your hand in the middle!

It is very trendy, but, actually, it gives that feeling of something more studied.



Decorating walls with style is not as easy as it looks, and mistake is really just around the corner!

On the wall, you can put mirrors, pictures, or photographs; you can put one or two pieces or a whole gallery, and, in all cases, the first thing, the most important, is to hang at the right height!

Mirror or pictures, or, better, the center of them, should be hung at eye level, being around 145 and 170 cm from the floor; it will depend on your height, of course!

If you hang the picture or mirror too high, it looks like its own thing, separate from everything else.

In the case of a composition, this measure should be taken for the center of it.

The distance between the various elements on the gallery wall is also significant, which must always be the same and is around 5 cm, both in height and sideways.

If the paintings are too close together, it will create confusion, while if they are too separate, they will look like stand-alone pieces and will not form a cohesive and harmonious composition.


Small cautions:

Regarding mirrors, as seen on other occasions, you can also dare to use huge mirrors, perhaps resting on the floor; they will double the light and give an incredible touch of elegance and style.

For paintings, on the other hand, I recommend avoiding buying elements mass-produced because they will not bring originality.

Of course, I understand that one cannot always afford an auteur painting, but if you look well, you might find a large number of emerging artists who have really cool and distinctive works.

Another way to have original paintings is to create them yourself: if not painting, you can use fabrics, for example… don’t limit your creativity.

The important thing, however, is to look for elements that represent you and tell who you are so that you can decorate in style, your style, your home!

(credits: Sarah Richardson Design; – Voovart)

I hope this article was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

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It’s been some time now that wallpaper has been back on trend, but, as you know by now, it’s nothing like what our grandparents used!

With modern technologies, there are wallpapers of different materials which can now be adapted to any environment, even unthinkable ones such as kitchen and bathroom, even in the shower interior!

Even in terms of colors and patterns, there really is such a varied and wide choice that getting lost is a snap!

How to choose the best wallpaper?


The first thing to figure out is WHERE we want to put the wallpaper; this is important to understand the most suitable material!

As I mentioned earlier, today, wallpapers are made of different materials, not only pure paper; in fact, there are also fabric wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers, fiberglass wallpapers, etc.

Depending on where the wall to be decorated is, there will be the best material:

– for example, to use wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash, the ideal is to use fiberglass one, in the bathroom, and even in the shower vinyl or PVC paper will be suitable.

– in all other rooms that do not have as much humidity and thermal stress, all kinds of paper will do, although perhaps the best is a nonwoven paper composed of fabric and vinyl, making this paper durable, washable, and also very pleasant to the touch.

(credits:; Lime Lace)

(credits: london-art-naiadi-wallpaper; Jenn Feldman)


For the correct choice of paper, it will be essential to consider the condition of the room where you want to put the wallpaper.

Patterns, especially, should also be chosen according to the size and lighting conditions of the room.

For example, if the room is small, better to use wallpapers with light contrasts and designs that are not too small to avoid over-saturating.

You could even dare with decidedly oversize patterns because that also tricks the eye and makes you perceive larger spaces.

In small spaces also better not to put the paper on all four walls.

The thing that actually, I personally advise against regardless, is to avoid “trivializing” the choice of wallpaper, but mainly because the eye also needs solid colors to rest!

However, it is clear that, in huge environments, you can dare a little more!

(credits: archiproducts;

For the other walls, you can use colors similar to the paper ones to harmonize it better or neutral and simple colors to enhance it more.

Wallpaper is a great way to emphasize a wall, and create a focal point, so choose the most important wall in the room, the one where you want to draw the eye!

N.B. the focal point doesn’t have to be the wall…it could also be the ceiling!!!

That would undoubtedly give a strong personality to the environment!

(credits:; Magnolia Network)


Having figured out the best material, the room configuration, and on which wall (or ceiling) to put the paper, you can choose colors and patterns!

Wallpaper is a piece of furniture in its own right; it must coexist with the rest harmoniously.

Then it will be necessary to look for papers with colors included in the palette selected for the house and from the patterns that can enhance the chosen style.

For colors, the “rules” for choosing solid colors apply, so in addition to referring to the palette, it will be based on the feelings you want to experience.

Light-colored papers will visually enlarge spaces, while dark ones will create more intimate environments.

You can also combine it with the other elements using the color wheel and its various combinations (I’m talking in detail about this here).


As mentioned earlier, for these reasons, it will be paramount to look for something that enhances the style you choose and can perfectly complement your type of decor.

In general:

– Black and white papers fit well or poorly with all styles and match any floor easily


– Geometric wallpapers combine well with modern and contemporary style


– jungle-style cards go well or poorly with all styles, even maybe it may sound strange to you!


– Damask and floral cards give a retro and romantic touch.

(credits:; leroymerlin)

I recommend you to think carefully about your choice so that you don’t have to get bored soon, and by the same token, get something you love madly!



If you decide to use wallpaper in your home, as always, I recommend not to overdo it; not only is it better not to paper all four walls, but it is also good to avoid putting it in every room of the house.

That is because otherwise, this choice will become less distinctive and original!

Also, if you choose striking patterns, don’t repeat them too often because instead of characterizing the environment, they can annoy the eye.


Many brands study custom designs so that the pattern is proportionate and in scale to the size of not only the wall but also the rest of the room.

Finally, I recommend not skimping on choosing suitable wallpaper; if you choose low-quality materials, it will be ruined soon!

If you want to make the investment, do it well by choosing the most suitable material!


I hope this article was helpful and you loved it; in case, let me know in the comments!

Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested, I will be honored, and it will help me get my name out there.

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A defining element in the bedroom is the headboard because it somehow determines the style and mood of the whole room.

I have already covered the topic of the bedroom with tips on how to decorate it in general and how to decorate the bed wall in particular; today, I would like to focus on this detail, which can actually make a real difference!

Of course, there are bed frames that already feature a headboard, and honestly, you can really find all kinds and tastes of them.

But, if you are an imaginative person and want to customize the headboard to your liking, you can do so, just buy a sommier bed, that is, a bed that has only the base!

Let’s now see some types of headboards to choose from!


Wood is a versatile and, if desired, low-cost material for a headboard.

The easiest solution is to use wooden planks vertically or horizontally!


You can use bamboo rods or thin logs, or even, you can use pellet pallets.

With pallets, you could also create side niches using their thickness.

(credit: booking;

In all cases, you can leave the wood raw, pickle it for a shabby style, or stain it with the colors you have chosen as a palette.

You could also make a low boiserie that takes the length of the wall, or even, for an original idea, you could think of using one or two old doors!

(credit: mondadori editore; var-dags-rum)


You can find pre-made ones on the market, you can have it made by an upholsterer, but if you want to, you could make it yourself by creating something really unique!

All you need to do on your own is a wooden panel, some foam, and the fabric you like.

You can make it smooth for a more modern room, but if you have craftsmanship, you can also do some work like the quilted effect for a classic bed!

(credit: Holms Homes; overstock)

It must be well-padded for a more elegant and refined effect.

You can choose a headboard in fabric, velvet, as well as leather, or faux leather for a more impactful effect!

There are also modular panels and modules on the market for a unique and original bed headboard!

If you like, you could even cover the whole wall with these modular modules!

(credit:; Alessandra Fedorova)


If a fully padded headboard seems too much, but you like the idea of something soft, you might want to think about hanging pillows!

They will be cushions (two separate ones or a single one doesn’t matter) with large loops to be stuffed into a rod and hung on the wall!

The rod can be a simple curtain pole and can be of wood or metal: the important thing is that it is at least as long as the bed.

(credit: @sarahmontgomerydesign; drom living)


It is not mandatory to have the entire wrought iron structure: you can only have the headboard!

Here too, there is plenty of choices, from simple and linear headboards to very elaborate ones.

You can also have a padded wrought iron headboard or attach cushions to it, to maintain the charm of the iron as well as the comfort of the padding!

(credit: cosatto; aliexpress)


It is possible to create a small counter-wall, in masonry or plasterboard, which can be as long as the wall, or just a little wider than the bed, at the desired height.

In this counter wall, you can make niches that can act as bedside tables.

If this wall is high enough, you could think of a long niche at the top.

(credit: Jover Construcciones; @vevamall)

Finally, the thickness of this wall will serve as a shelf to rest what you prefer, from decorative objects to lamps!

Of course, these niches can also be illuminated, thus creating a bit of play and atmosphere.

(credit:; Ons Haarlemse Huisje)


Do you like the idea I gave you before but don’t want to do the masonry work? You can use a piece of furniture!

It can be a low, perhaps modular bookcase: you would always have the top shelf and space to use as a nightstand, actually freeing up space near the bed.

(credit: iStock;


Why not draw it? Nowhere is it written that the headboard must be something physical!

If you are an original person, you can draw a headboard of the shape and size you want: using stickers or washi tape.

(credit:; audreysjl)

This solution would allow you to change the headboard whenever you want, just detach the tape and create a new one.

You can use the stencil and, again, give your headboard the shape you want or just use color blocking!

(credit: Sarah Cooper;


That is not a solution you often see, but you can also make the headboard of your bed with ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware, the same used for the coatings of bathrooms and kitchens.

Like the masonry option, this is a more “invasive” and, I dare say, definitive solution, but also of considerable scenographic impact.

The modularity and various tile sizes allow you to create a wide variety of wall designs.

Here you can really give space to your imagination!

A not insignificant advantage of this solution is that it is really easy to clean, thus being very hygienic!

(credit:; Patchwork Harmony)

Which of these ideas did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!!!

Whichever type of headboard you choose, remember that for a regal and distinctive look of the bed and the room in general, the headboard will have to be huge!

I hope this article was helpful and you enjoyed it; in case, let me know in the comments!

Feel free to share the article with anyone you think might be interested, I will be honored and it will help me get my name out there.

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How to furnish a mansard?

Living in a mansard has a certain charm because of its unusual shape, but for the same reason, decorating it is not so easy!

Today let’s see together some tips and tricks to make attic rooms comfortable!

Before we get into today’s topic, let’s make a little history: the mansard and this term come from the French word “mansarde,” which in turn comes from the name of the architect François Mansart (1598-1666) who first designed this type of housing.

There are pros and cons to having a mansard room or apartment


– it is an original and striking environment because of the sloping ceilings, often with exposed beams;

– thanks to the skylights, it tends to be a bright environment;

– with a bit of imagination, you will be able to find unusual settings not found in “normal” apartments.


– it is not easy to find suitable furniture in stores;

– you have to be more careful about the climate and relative temperatures.

The roof is definitely exposed, and the risk is to have a room or house very hot in summer and very cold in winter;

– despite having a large floor plan, it might look small, having areas perhaps not walkable!

With good design, however, these cons can be, if not eliminated, at least curbed!

What makes particular a mansard is the difference in heights within it, which can be very different, making a furnishing project more or less difficult!


come arredare una mansarda


There are mansards that at their lowest point reach 2 meters and definitely make the task of furnishing it easier.

But there are also mansards that perhaps barely reach a meter in height and complicate things a little.

In this case, figuring out how to furnish the attic flat becomes more complicated but not impossible!

Speaking of heights, I make a very small digression: if you have an attic and would like to make it an apartment, you should know that there are very strict regulations to make that space habitable.

These regulations mainly concern heights (but not only), more precisely, the average height between the highest and the lowest point.

They vary from region to region, so I recommend contacting a technician who can give you the correct guidance!

Back to us, let’s look at some ideas that can help you better understand how to furnish a mansard!


That is, put the rooms in the right place!

By this, I mean placing in the highest areas those rooms where you are often standing, like the kitchen or the bathroom.


(credit.                                          (credit arch.Claude Petarlin)

In the lower areas, on the other hand, you can put, for example, the living room (especially the sofa area) or the bedroom…


(credit Westwing)                                                                  (Christian Schaulin tramite

That may create an irregular floor plan, but, after all, this is another thing that gives charm to this type of housing!


Here more than ever, making the best use of space is vital!

As we have seen among the cons of this type of housing, it will not be easy to find suitable furniture in traditional stores.

Therefore, it will be necessary to create custom-made furniture and carve out cabinets and storage in the lower areas that you could not otherwise exploit!


(credit Archon)                                                                          (credit vtwonen)

The cons turn into pros because you will have unique and original furniture designed not only for the conformity of the room but precisely for your needs!


These rooms should be very bright, as always natural light is preferred.

If it is a room, skylights will be okay, but if it is an entire apartment, it is good to have vertical windows and maybe, at least, a small veranda!


(credit Arch. Bartolucci)

That will allow a glimpse of the outside the risk, otherwise is to feel a bit stuffy!

As for artificial lighting, however, some tricks will improve living comfort:

– light from below and above, especially if you have a wooden roof!

– be careful with chandeliers except in the highest areas!

While passing under them without problems, the chandelier is still a bulky element that creates a visual “barrier” that will optically shrink spaces.

Electrified rails, adjustable spotlights, sconces, and LED strips will allow you to bring light where you want it with little clutter.


(if you are interested I talk about lighting in general here)


If the mansard is very low-lying, the ideal is to use light and bright colors, at least as a base.

That will optically expand the spaces giving more breathing room.

If you want to use it, the color will be good in the furniture, accessories, and textiles.



On the other hand, if the mansard is high, you can dare a little more by coloring some walls too.

In this case, do it in the brightest parts of the house and avoid too dark colors.



If you have a wooden ceiling and want to keep it that way, keep more neutral colors for the walls; so you don’t risk weighing the environment down.

You can think of whitewashing the wooden ceiling to give it more breathing room, all or part of it; for example, if you have beams, you can decide to whitewash the battens between the beams while keeping them unchanged.



(credit Architettura & Urbanistica Sigurtà)                        (credit Living corriere)

These 4 tips are the basics that will help you better understand how to decorate your mansard, but if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to write in the comments so I can better help you!

I hope the article on how to furnish a mansard was helpful and you loved it; in case, let me know in the comments!

If you need any help just contact me!

And at the end of renovation work, what happens?

“I finally enjoy the house!” you’ll tell me!

Whether it is your permanent home or a second home…

And you’re right!


But I take inspiration from a fact that happened to me a few days ago, to make you understand that the end of the work and the handover of the keys does not mean that everything is finished and ok.

Some time ago, I followed the renovation of a farmhouse for foreign clients, their holiday home, and the work was finished about a year ago.

As you can easily imagine, living away from Italy, they can’t live in the house every day.

They, therefore, relied on a person who can open and check the house from time to time. And they rely on her for the management of the part used as a guest house.

This person has, as it should be, all the references of the companies and professionals who carried out the work so that she can face any problem…

In theory, at least.


Yes, because unfortunately, there was some malfunction:

– a leaking toilet,

– a shower that discharged badly,

– internet which was often absent.

Nothing really serious, just a big bother, but things that need to be fixed!

The lady, therefore, tried to call whoever had made the implant, unfortunately often IN VAIN!

Although she knows both plumbers and electricians, rightly, this person didn’t want to call them because it’s obvious that whoever made the installation knows it better and, therefore, knows where to put his hands.

I’ve tried to call them too and send them messages, which were read, but to which I didn’t receive an answer!

I honestly find this unprofessional behavior!

Sure, you can be busy at the moment, but is it possible that throughout the day, or at most the day after, you can’t find a moment to call back?


You know how much I insist on the design phase, on how important it is to really define the project in every detail, even including the furniture (or rather, starting from that).

Once this is done, however, it’s vital to choose the right constructor or professionals!

As I explain here, it must be done after studying the project to choose highly qualified professionals in the work you have to do.

Once you have found a list of specialized technicians, you need to do a further investigation to understand which one is really for you and it will always be there… even after the delivery of the keys!

It is not easy, because, as in every field, there are serious, mediocre professionals… unfortunately also real “criminals” (yes it’s a strong term, but there are also those!)

Sites and reviews are elements that already give you a first idea, but it is not enough:

– on the sites, they could have purchased photographs and not of works actually done

– the reviews could be from friends and family!


It’s important to have an in-depth interview!

At that moment you must be able to express all your doubts, even what seems silly to you, prepare a sheet with all the questions that come to your mind.

In some ways, this is a test: if they know how to answer all your questions exhaustively, really trying to dispel any doubts, they will show you their availability!

Availability that they easily will always show you, even once the work is finished!

You must be able to be sure that if something happens, you will always have someone who can help you!

Someone who will answer you when you call, if not immediately within a short time.

And if for any reason he cannot come immediately, he will move to solve the problem anyway!

It’s not easy, let’s face it, it’s a bit of luck, but the more careful you are in this choice, without being in a hurry to start work, the more likely it is that you won’t have too many surprises during, but also afterward!

For any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me, or if you want to write to me in the comments!

Knowing how to face at the best a renovation, small or large, is really important to prevent the dream from becoming a nightmare!

We have said it several times, restructuring is not a picnic, and it can be very stressful, but some tricks can “facilitate” this path!


Let’s see them together, in order:


If you need to renovate, unless you just have to redo the floors and/or whitewash, you MUST turn to a professional for the project, for the bureaucratic part, for safety on-site and, indeed, follow the work!

Be careful that not all professionals do everything I have just mentioned, so I recommend making sure that it can follow every part, not to risk any kind of sanctions!


I know, it’s not the first time you’ve heard me say it, but that’s because it’s really the cornerstone of the whole process!

Where to start?

If you don’t build from scratch you must surely start from the current state map!

From there, if you rule out any load-bearing walls, you can really go wild!

But I suggest you start with the furniture!

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but if you study the rooms from the furniture you’ll be able to create really functional settings!

Once you have identified the furniture, you can decide on the appropriate size for each room.

Once this is done, or at the same time, you can choose the materials and finishes, so that they will match the chosen furniture!

Then you can study the various systems, the electrical one, in particular, will be studied ad hoc for the position of the various elements present, making the environment even more comfortable!


having clear the work to be done and the materials you want to use will make it easier for you to search and find the right professionals!

I know that often we start from the choice of the constructor, but it is unthinkable that everyone can do everything!

Laying a resin, for example, is certainly not the same as laying tiles and requires different skills!

If you have a clear idea of what you want to do you can choose a constructor or craftsmen SPECIALISED who will surely know how to do a good job!

Better a single constructor or individual craftsmen?

It always depends on the works you want to do, there are the pros and cons in both cases:

– with a single constructor, you have only one contact person and the professionals working inside already know each other, this could save time,

– if turn on individual craftsmen you may get lower prices, because, easily the company will add a more or less large percentage on the quote of the individual professional!

In any case, if you choose a constructor, make sure that it does the work directly and not subcontract to another company, in this case, you can be sure that the prices will be much higher!


Doing this will allow you to have a clear understanding of the costs you are about to face, and the picture is total!

So, not having yet “lifted a finger” you can always fix things!

Once you’ve done these three things, you can start work!

Will everything go smoothly?!

Well, it’s really hard because a few hitches and a few unexpected are easy to happen, it’s part of it!

If you invest some time in the research for the right professionals, but especially in the project, you will surely reduce the problems!

And the stress that follows and you will surely be able to face your renovation in the best way!

Even at an economic level, the possible cost increases are reduced, because the quotes for the works are based on a well-detailed project, and therefore, unless there is a change in the race on your part or something unexpected, the prices will remain the same!


To face at the best a renovation is possible, the important thing is not to be in a hurry to start the work without having clear ideas!

Among other things, when everything is well planned, it allows you to speed up the whole process and not just a little bit because everyone will have clear what to do and so there will be no waste of time!

The investment made in the project and research will pay off!

If you’re going through a renovation and you’re feeling a little lost, don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Today I would like to tackle the topic of “trends” with you, even in furniture, in fact, I would like to explain to you why in home furnishings you should NEVER chase the fashion of the moment!


Most people tend to be heavily influenced by the fashion of the moment when they buy something.

So, we find ourselves wanting high-rise jeans at all costs, although we never dreamed of buying them just a couple of years before!

In fact, do you know what is the peculiar feature of fashion?

It is passing.

Some last a few months, others drag on for years.

But every fashion, by definition, sooner or later, will be forced to give way to the next.

Besides, how many clothes do you have in the closet that you wouldn’t wear even today under torture?

Do you see? This is exactly how it works.

A certain trend has a short life: sooner or later it will be replaced by another.


But, even if we can also accept putting in a corner a pair of jeans or an old-fashioned dress, the same cannot be said with some types of purchases.

I am referring, in particular, to purchases which, on the one hand, require a large investment and, on the other, will be part of our life for a long time.

Let’s take the furnishings.

Did you know that home furnishings are also heavily influenced by current trends?

I am sure you will have noticed the constant presence of furniture that recalls the past, which even appears used or worn to meet a style called Shabby Chic.

Would you have ever imagined, a few years ago, finding this type of furniture in stores?

And who knows what the near future holds for us!


When it comes to decorating your home, chasing a fashion isn’t a problem in itself.

So why in the furniture should you never have to follow the fashion of the moment?

The problem arises whenever the conditioning of fashion also wins over what makes us feel represented.

It is one thing to invest in a style that is fashionable and, at the same time, it is in tune with the type of person you are, another is to let fashion take on an overwhelming role, forcing you to put aside your real desires .

In the latter scenario, try to imagine how you could live in your home when the fashion of the moment will be replaced with another diametrically opposite.

And you know for sure that it will happen!

Don’t you think you would have the feeling of being a guest in someone else’s house?

That it would be extremely difficult to feel comfortable?

Finally, don’t you think you would do anything to replace those furnishings?

I understand you, though.

Momentary trends can be very captivating.

They are beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and being tempted is easy.


When it comes to the place where you will have to spend your life with your family, however, the aesthetic side is not enough.

It is very important, it is true.

But it cannot be the only element you evaluate.

If you did, you would run the risk of not feeling represented by your own home!

What is nothing but a nest in which you can truly be yourself.

So why don’t you try to furnish your home, giving equal importance to the aesthetic side and to the one most related to the sensations?

Do you think that many of my clients, at the beginning of our collaboration, think that I remember a psychologist very much!

Because all my work is born with the discovery of the person in front of me.

A deep analysis to understand what is the best way to make it feel welcomed within your family environment.

Which may, however, coincide with current fashion.

Or not.

What matters, as I said, is not current fashion, for which everyone can have their own opinion, but the creation of a place that makes us want to go home.


So always be careful when you go to buy the furniture for your home.

Do not let yourself be attracted by a particular trend (nor by the words of a seller who will do everything to make you buy what is fashionable) but let your sensations guide you.

Only in this way can you really feel at home.

Following the fashion of the moment to furnish your home is a bit like decorating by copying the images you see on interiors or in sector newspapers…  You would have a house that does not represent you!

And, if you think it’s too complicated to be able to do it alone, you know I’m at your disposal.

Just send me a message.

Looking for a house could be a nightmare…

Have you ever wondered what a house and a person have in common?

Well, finding the right one for both is not easy at all!

However, for the home, as for people, there is a certain feeling that makes us undoubtedly understand when we made the right choice.

In this article, I will tell you how to search and find that feeling and avoid turning the search for your home into a true nightmare.

Of course, I’m referring to the case where you need to buy it and not simply live in a rented house.

Because, as you might imagine, it’s when you decide to buy a home that the choice indeed becomes thoughtful.

In fact, if it is simply a rental, you will subconsciously think that it is a temporary solution, and you will be happy with it!

That being said, where should you start to find the ideal home?

First of all, you have to decide WHERE to look.

It may seem trivial, but the first thing to do is to have a clear idea of where to look for a house.

So: downtown or suburbs?

The choice will, of course, depend on the daily demands of work and family.

Both options have their disadvantages and advantages.

Just think about the convenience of having everything you need under the house if you live downtown.

On the other hand, though, you’ll have to deal with parking, a distant supermarket, and areas of foot traffic.

And so on.

Orienting the choice according to your daily rhythms is fundamental.

Don’t underestimate this aspect: otherwise, you will find yourself living your life uncomfortably.

If, on the other hand, you take the time to reflect and understand which area will best meet your needs, you will be able to experience even the most stressful moments in a more relaxed way.

Then you have to choose the TYPE of building

The first choice that must necessarily be made is between an apartment in a condominium and a detached house.

If you, like many, dream of an independent home, let me ask you:

Do you have any idea how much works you need to do to keep it always pleasant?

I’ll give you a simple example: mow the lawn.

Quite a boredom, right?

The comfort of an apartment is difficult to reach from an independent house; however, even in this case, don’t let yourself be attracted too easily.

Living in an apartment involves several limitations to your personal sphere.

Are you really sure that you can accept the condominium rules?

How will relations with neighbors be?

There is no correct answer: you have to stop for a second and imagine in which of the 2 situations you will be better off for your lifestyle.

Another aspect of the type of building to consider is whether to settle in a period building.

We can admit that it always has a particular charm with its large environments and full of spectacular sceneries at times.

However, modern buildings are built with state-of-the-art facilities, especially when it comes to energy conservation.

To find a compromise, you could look for a fully renovated period building: so as not to give up its charm and at the same time not to deprive yourself of the added value given by new energy technologies.

Lastly: “Play” with the floor plans.

The next step in choosing the type of house is to “play” with the floor plans.

Let me explain better.

Once you see the house that you think is interesting and may fit you, I recommend asking for a floor plan right away.

True, most floor plans are the cadastral ones, with all the limitations that come with them.

The important thing, though, is that you have a scale floor plan in hand and have been able to tour the house.

At this point, armed with a pencil and ruler and start drawing on the map the furniture you already have or those you intend to buy.

Position, move them, reposition them.

As I said, play!

Be careful though, make sure that the furniture you draw is also to scale; otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise when it’s time to get serious!

And why don’t you try to make multiple copies of the same floor plan?

This way, you’ll have more options to choose from.

Have you ever thought, otherwise, about a house to renovate?

In this case, the maneuvering range will be higher in terms of furniture because, unless you run into load-bearing walls, you can make some changes to the interior.

Even in this situation, don’t be overwhelmed by easy enthusiasm.

There is no right choice regardless, but only decisions functional to your life.

If you choose a house to renovate, in fact, in the face of a higher range for maneuver, you will have to deal with so much time and energy to spend.

You will need to rely on a surveyor or an architect and a construction company that can complete the works effectively and on time.

Again, my advice is to “play” with the floor plans.

In fact, the measurements on paper do not lie, while looking at the environment in person, you often get caught up in the enthusiasm and then find yourself with unexploited spaces.

Summing up

In short, you’ll have to choose:

– the area where you would like to live
– the type of building
– how to furnish through the use of floor plans

And always remember:

the perfect house does NOT exist.

Of course, you can always build it from the ground up; however, most of the time, you have to compromise.

And finding the right compromise is absolutely not easy.

The risk of throwing away time and money is just around the corner.

Therefore, you may want to turn to a professional to help you find the ideal choice for you and your family, without running into mistakes dictated by inexperience that will cost you very much indeed.

Because looking for a house should never be a nightmare, but only the beginning of a dream.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me!