When decorating outdoors, no matter if it is a small balcony or a large terrace, it is common to run into some mistakes that will not allow you to enjoy 100% of those spaces!

Today we’ll see what they are, so you can immediately run for cover!


Lighting, as always, is paramount in all areas of the home: the outdoors is no exception!

Also, it is easy in warm weather to take advantage of the outdoors, especially in the evening!

Whether it is a mini balcony or a large terrace, it will be essential to light it properly.

If there is a table for eating, you will need to try to illuminate the table precisely and punctually so that you can always see what you are eating well.

But usually, the lighting may be a little softer to create a relaxing atmosphere!

Very decorative are those wires or chains with bulbs!

To be rolled up to the railing or hung overhead, they have a warm glow and give the outdoors a cozy, relaxing mood.


Unless you could do a renovation, it was hard, until recently, to properly light balconies and terraces.

That is because you tend to have a ceiling or wall light point (something more if it is a terrace), and that’s it!

However, nowadays, things have changed because there is battery-powered, solar-powered, and rechargeable lighting!!!

With the arrival of rechargeable bulbs, there is no excuse, and you can take any suitable outside lamp outdoors!

There are also vases and light figures to illuminate and create some play; in addition to giving light, they are also decorative!

Of course, there are also lanterns and candles: always worth adding a few!

If you want to know more about lighting in general, I talk about it here; if you want specifics about terrace lighting, you can find them here!)



Even when well maintained, the exterior is often regarded as a thing unto itself, but this area is seen through the French window!

If well-designed, it will look like a literal extension of your home!

Starting with the flooring, it should optically be a continuation of the interior flooring, if not quite the same material, at least the same color!

While being careful to choose materials suitable for the outdoors, for decor, replicate as much as possible from the style you have at home and keep your color palette!

Doing this is to recreate, outside, the exact mood you created inside your home!

Therefore, pay attention to the color of the walls as well!

If they are not in agreement and you cannot paint them, then try to screen them, perhaps with climbing plants!

(credits: @pernillevinge; Tomaro Architecture)


The balcony or terrace should be studied quite like any other room in the house, not only so that stylistically it is an extension of the interior, as seen before.

But also so that they are pleasant to live with and functional!

We need to understand what function we want to give to this space!

If it is a small balcony, you will probably be able to use it for only one purpose, such as a sitting area or space for eating…

We usually make this choice based on the position of the balcony, for example, a dining area if it’s near the kitchen or a lounging area near the living room!

But even in the case of a huger terrace, where you may have more functions, it is good to be able to study t

First, we will need to divide the terrace into areas for each function we want to have; it could be an area for dining and one for a sitting area!

You then need to buy furniture that is proportionate to the space available and that everything is easily usable!

Be careful not to overfill so as not to suffocate the environment, but at the same time, make good use of every available space!

(credits:; westwing)


To have consistently beautiful and lush exteriors, you will need to be able to choose the right plants.

Not all plants are suitable, even when it comes to outdoor plants!

One thing to evaluate is how much and for how long (perhaps at what times) direct light gets into the balcony or terrace.

That will be instrumental in choosing the right plants.

Some love to have direct light, while others prefer a little more shade!

Another thing to consider is that there are plants that can act as natural insect repellents.

If you are in an area where there are many mosquitoes, this could be an option!

Also, add plants with flowers to give some color and maybe fragrance!



If you live in the city, a balcony or terrace is visible from the street or yard, but privacy is really very important!

There are many ways to screen your balcony or terrace on the market, starting with view-break panels!

Very nice to use these panels and attach a pretty climbing plant to them!

Another idea might be to use shielding fabrics!

You could also prune for canes that you can find with both natural and artificial materials.

Bamboo canes, by the way, are sound-absorbing, so they are also helpful for shielding a bit from the noise!

(credits:; @smyk_w_kuchni_blog)

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Spring is just around the corner: are you already thinking about how to decorate your balcony?

We saw it in the 2021 trends (find the video here!): decorating your balcony becomes vital, especially after all that happened last year and even more so since, as of today, unfortunately, we still haven’t gotten out of it.

So today, let’s see how you can furnish your balcony, even if it is small, to make it a small oasis!


I’m not saying to give up colors, do not worry, however especially if the balcony, as it easily is, is small, use light and neutral colors as a base.

colori neutri e pop di colori

(credit: @shahindesign; pinterest)

That will optically expand the space!

Then you can give your touch of color and personality in some decorations!


Dividing the balcony into small, well-defined areas will help make it seem more spacious, even if it’s just 2: relaxation and plant area!

If the balcony is long and narrow, the areas can be more: you can add a zone with a small table, perhaps foldable, with chairs, to use for eating or smart-working!

aree diverse


Of course, be careful not to overfill so as not to suffocate and impede passage.

Better a few elements, but well designed according to your needs!


Precisely to avoid overfilling and blocking the passage, I recommend using folding furniture; they will help you efficiently move and store the various items, thus not taking up space permanently.

Another very clever thing to do is to use multifunctional furniture such as a storage bench, which will help you keep the space tidy, or an ottoman that doubles as a side table as needed.

arredi pieghevoli e multifunzionali

(credit: Ikea; pinterest)


Exploit most of the short side of the balcony by putting relaxing seating there: it can be a small sofa, two seats, or even large cushions on the ground!

If you have a wall on the short side, you can decorate it with lights or a small vertical greenhouse taking advantage of the heights too; doing this, among other things, will allow you to remove plants from the ground freeing up valuable space!


(credit: decostore;

Again, all this is a great way to expand the space, at least optically!!!


There are so many solutions on the market that you can hang on the railing: not only in terms of vases but also for side tables or mini barbecues!

As with the vertical greenhouse, this will allow free space on the ground for stools, for example!

Without having to hang necessarily, you can also place a long, narrow counter as high as the railing to store whatever you prefer under which!


(credits:; pinterest)

If you access the balcony from a large window or the view is not the best, you might decide to lean seating against the railing so that you can look inside.

(credit: @pernillevinge; pinterest)

That will make your balcony an extension of the room, another way to make it appear larger!

In this case, having a common thread between inside and outside is essential: it can be done with colors or by having same elements both inside and in the exterior.


Proper lighting will help you create the right atmosphere to enjoy your balcony, even in the evening!

Try to put softer lights where you have assigned the relaxing area and more direct where you have the eating or smart-working area (if you can not work in the evening, better, but if you have to, good lighting is essential!).

(credit: @marzena.marideko; bonprix)

The cables with several bulbs are also very lovely and evocative, creating a joyful and relaxing atmosphere.


It seems almost silly to say, but on a balcony, you can’t do without greenery!

I have often said plants help you feel closer to nature: that is even more true when you are outside!

As said before, choose a specific area for the green corner and, if there is not too much space, hang the vases either on the railing or on the wall!


I hope you found these little tips on how to decorate your balcony helpful!

If you still have any doubts, let me know in the comments, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help!