A kitchen with an island is many people’s dream; if it is yours too, you are in the right place: in fact, today, I want to give you some ideas to design the right island for you!

People usually opt for a kitchen with an island when they have an open-plan kitchen-living space because the island is that element that, on the one hand, optically divides the two functions and, on the other, allows the cook to be able to relate to family members or guests.

(If you are interested in other ways to optically divide an open space, I talk about them here!)

You don’t need to have a generously sized house to be able to design a kitchen with an island, but for it to be truly functional, you will need to study the space properly!

The island can be designed as an extra storage element with a respective countertop (and perhaps snack top) or as a full-fledged “operating” station with a sink and/or stove.

However, the second case will only be possible if a proper renovation is done because connections and drains must be arranged!


An island with both a sink and stove will obviously have larger dimensions than one with nothing or only one of the two!

The dimensions for an island equipped with both elements must be at least 200cm long and at least 120cm deep to be functional.

On the other hand, an island with only the burners or the sink may be a little shorter until it reaches the 90cm recommended for a simple countertop island.

The island without appliances may also be narrower, limited to the depth of the cabinet, that is, 60cm.

The minimum distances from other elements must also be kept in mind when choosing the right size of the island.

If there are walls on the sides, the required distance is 85-90 cm to let the passage around the island be comfortable.

Instead, the distance to the kitchen is 100-120 cm to make it easy to open doors and drawers.

On the other hand, the height of the island will be the same as the height of the kitchen bases, so 85-90 cm.



Depending on the size and shape of the room, the kitchen behind the island could have 3 forms: linear, L-shaped, or U-shaped, precisely as if the island were not there.

Having an island, especially an operational one, will allow more cabinetry, perhaps with interlocking appliances, and thus more storage space.

Cooktop, sink, and countertop, in fact, can be concentrated exclusively on the island!

Of course, appliances, such as the oven and dishwasher, can also be integrated into the island to make them even less visible!

(credits:; Melaragno design company)


Whether it is a countertop-only island or operational, you must adequately light this area!

You can opt for discreet lighting, such as spotlights recessed into a suspended ceiling or a series of pendant lamps placed at equal distances.

If the island is not too big, you can also choose a pretty scenic chandelier!

(credits: Eric Kuster;

In case you have the cooktop, be it gas or induction, you will also have to think about the hood!

There are three possible solutions:

– integrated into the top: that is, a retractable element that can be activated as needed;

– integrated into the cooktop, the hood fan is connected below the countertop, thus completely invisible;

– classic hood: this could be integrated into a recess made of plasterboard or free-standing, perhaps using a designer hood.

Another thing to keep in mind is to plan to have a retractable socket on the countertop: it will be functional if sometimes you have to use, for example, the computer!




It is rare to see an island that is only operational or countertop: most of the time, a part is used to be able to eat, the snack nook!

Here again, depending on the size, this part can be studied in various ways:

– an extension of the top in-depth, i.e., extending the top by at least 45-50 cm so that there is enough leg room;

– extend the countertop to one side: this will allow seating on both sides;

– a slightly raised extension; this elevation can be of the same material as the countertop or different material to visually differentiate the two functions!

In all these cases, you must remember that the table top will have a height of 85-90 cm, or something more if you make it elevated, so you will have to look for suitable seats to reach the table comfortably!

High seats may be uncomfortable, in which case a lower shelf, that is, at a table height of about 75 cm, can be studied.

You can make it narrow, about 50 cm, if you only want to have it for breakfast or a quick snack, but you could, at this point, integrate the table directly!

(credits:; Newcastle Design)

(credits: @elleestpasbellelavie; Molins design)


In case the kitchen is tiny, does one have to give up the island?

Maybe you won’t be able to have a large island or operational, but alternative solutions that can still be viable are possible!

The first is to create a peninsula instead of an island, that is, to have one side resting against the wall or as a corner extension of the kitchen.

That saves you the 85-90 cm required for the passage.


You will find furniture or trolleys on the market that can serve as a small island in case you actually need something smaller; they also would be easily moved, when necessary, if they had wheels!

Nothing forbids you to create yourself a small island, for example, by hacking some Ikea furniture! (There are so many ideas online!)

It may not be an actual island, but it’s still a storage element, not to mention an extra countertop/support, and in the kitchen, that never hurts!


I hope this article was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

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Today I would like to address the kitchen topic by seeing together the trends for 2023!

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, the room we experience most, not only for cooking and eating!

So it must be carefully chosen and studied.

Let’s see what the coming year brings!


Let’s face it, most of our kitchens are white, black, gray, or more or less light wood color.

Although it obviously exists, the colorful kitchen is more difficult to see.

With this intense desire to reconnect with nature, which has been increasingly felt in recent years, here are changing colors in furniture too.

In particular, the kitchen is green painted!

Last year, green, in its various shades, was the color of the year for virtually every brand.

We can say that green is considered a neutral color; this is why it will be seen much more often, especially in kitchen cabinets, whatever the style.

Green is a welcoming and calming color that, we can say, brings some life to the kitchen.

Are you about to buy or change the kitchen, but getting it all green scares you a little? Don’t you want to get sick of it after some time? Well you can think about taking this color in small doses:

– you can get only the low cabinets in green and the wall cabinets in white or light wood color;

– if you are lucky and you have the island or the peninsula, you could consider it as the highlight and only do the one green;

– you can use it in the splash guard or by painting the walls, although here I would be careful because green is a color that does not help digestion, so don’t paint all ones!

– you can use it in some items such as chairs or stools, some small appliances that you leave exposed, or pots and plants, or simply in towels and potholders!

(credits: @homedesigner_passion; @mcgregorhomes)

(credits:; @obsessed4interiors)


Soft, curvy shapes are a trend of recent years that will also enter the kitchen and will be seen mostly with islands and peninsulas but also in end units!

The rounder lines make the environment less rigid and impersonal, making the kitchen even more inviting and welcoming!

Curved shapes can also be introduced with chairs, which will also be more comfortable because they are enveloping, or with lighting and decorative objects!

(credits: @the_stables_; @vymir_design)


The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare meals and eat, so the important thing was to have the necessities that were functional for that purpose.

Now the kitchen is one of those rooms that are also carefully studied in terms of aesthetics.

It is a shame, therefore, to have a beautiful kitchen, however on the countertop of which chaos reigns, and let’s face it, it often happens: the coffee maker, the kneading machine, the knife set, the paper roll…

The trend for 2023 is to try to hide these small appliances, leaving out only what can also be decorative.

That is why you can bring the wall cabinets up to the countertop, inside which you can put all those things that you maybe regularly use (so it would be inconvenient to withdraw to the cabinets), but that can create chaos!

It will be enough to open the door, and voilà they are ready to use, but when they are not needed with the door closed, everything will be neater.

That will make the kitchen more elegant and sophisticated!

By the way, it is also much more hygienic because they will have less dust and also less grease if they are close to the fires.

On the countertop, you will leave only a few items that can be decorative and really give a plus!



For the same reason, i.e., visual chaos, but especially hygiene, the shelves will decrease a lot!

You will definitely avoid shelves instead of wall cabinets to put dishes because precisely it is not very hygienic.

However, it is not mandatory to make the shelves disappear entirely; the important thing is to be able to decorate them simply and elegantly!

To do this, you can take a cue on how to decorate bookcases (you can find it here): the rules are always the same!



The lighting will also change a little bit.

We can say that we usually have a general light, often placed in the center of the room, and then perhaps the under-cabinet light.

Those with an island or peninsula could also have direct lights on the top, either as pendants or as a lowering with recessed spotlights.

Light will become a bit of a protagonist; that is also because well-designed lighting can change the face of a room, even the kitchen!

Once again, for those fortunate enough to have an island and peninsula, it will be easy to see pendant lights positioned only on one side: an asymmetry that will create visual interest.

But even for those who do not have an island and peninsula, it will be great to have multiple types of lighting, not only general lighting but also task lighting, on the table for better visual comfort when eating.

Under-cabinet lighting will also be designed even better in order to be able to see what you are doing when you are cooking, and if the cabinets are not there, you can use pretty wall lamps!

(credits: @nestmas-StudioRemi; Miton-Loto-Italian-Designer)

(credits:; @obsessed4interiors)


It often happens that in the kitchen, as decorations, you put pictures that take up the topic of food or drink, or (and I admit I have them too) chalkboards with magnets; it is much more unlikely to see a beautiful painting or a gallery of photos.

Even in the kitchen we can and should bring some art!

Decorating the kitchen as you do other rooms will give your kitchen personality!

You can do it on the walls, but also on the countertop if you have the space; if it is true that we said to hide small appliances, it is not the same for decorative items.

As always, it should not be overdone, and it should be studied, but it will make a big difference indeed!

(credits: Sara Beltran;


I don’t know if this will really become a trend or not, but when I saw this solution, I fell in love with it.

Creating a small corner with dog or cat bowls, with a faucet to fill the bowl with water, is just brilliant!

That is super functional, especially when you have a large dog; carrying the full bowl around is not the best, but size aside, there is always the risk of spilling some of the water on the floor!


I hope this article was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

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