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Always Tidy Home: 7 Tips!

In several articles, I’ve emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistently tidy home for an organized, inviting, harmonious, and refined living space. Avoiding visual clutter is crucial not only for aesthetic appeal but also for higger well-being, both mentally and physically. A tidy home reduces stress, enhances focus, improves sleep, and even improves self-esteem. Some […]


6 tips for having an cozy, relaxing, and harmonious home

Having a cozy, relaxing, and harmonious home has a positive impact not only visually but also emotionally! The environment around us, including our interiors, significantly influences our psychophysical well-being; it’s scientifically proven! It’s paramount, therefore, to be able to create settings that can support us, “nourish” us in everyday life and give us peace and […]


Here are 8 home trends for 2024

Let’s start the new year by exploring together the 2024 home trends! I want to remind you that these are suggestions and trends, and it’s not obligatory to follow everything, so only take what eventually resonates with you. – FAREWELL TO PURE WHITE KITCHENS For years, completely white kitchens have been in vogue, primarily to […]

Pantone: here is the color of the year 2024

And here it is, the Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz (13-1023). The Pantone Color Institute celebrates its 25th anniversary with a delicate and soft peach color this year. “A velvety and gentle peach whose all-encompassing spirit enriches the mind, body, and heart” is how the company describes this delicate and simultaneously fresh […]