To Give character to the home is not always easy!

When you furnish your home, you often go to a furniture store and buy more or less all the furniture in the same style, and paint the walls only white, so you can be sure that everything is absolutely harmonious!

Is it wrong?

Absolutely not, God forbid!

There will be nothing that “disturbs” neither those who live in the house nor those who come as guests.

I’ve noticed, however, that this is not an aware choice most of the time, but rather let’s say, a NOT chosen: the easiest decision to avoid making mistakes!

And that’s a pity.

Because you’ll be bored very soon!

The house, in fact, will not fully reflect your personality!

Did you’ve done it too?

If so, let’s see how you can change things, giving character to your home, but, above all, making sure that it really represents yourself!

Obviously, you can’t put many things, maybe of different colors, in a completely random way, it will be like a fist in one eye and so really visible and, somehow, annoying.

So what can you do to create unique environments that truly reflect you?


One of the first ways is the mix of styles, you must be careful and do it in a thoughtful and studied way, but it can really give fabulous results.

I mentioned it in my last English video two weeks ago, you can find it here!

Your personality undoubtedly has many facets that cannot be told in a single style, isn’t it?


Another way to give character to your home is the wise use of colors: colors, indeed, have such strong and impacting psychological meanings.

Knowing how to use them in the right doses and in the right environments can help to create suggestive and captivating atmospheres!

I have talked about color psychology in a video that you can find here.

Personally, I don’t recommend the use of a thousand different colors, although in different rooms.

If you really want to do it, then you should use colors a little desaturated to avoid overloading.

And, above all, you have to seek a common thread that unites these environments with such different shades, so, in this case, maintaining the same style of furniture can be better (we already have a lot of colors!)


Then you could consider inserting something handmade, something made by you, from recycled, taken up, modified… more personal than this what can there be?

I understand that it’s not always easy because it takes imagination and, above all, manual skills!

For the manual work, if you don’t have it, you can easily find a good craftsman to give you a hand.

As for fantasy, you can take a look at books, magazines, furniture stores, and antique markets!

Don’t underestimate antique markets: there are many trinkets, but it happens to find many interesting things!!!

All these things are inexhaustible sources of ideas.

Attention, however, the risk is that you like everything and therefore to make a potpourri anything but harmonious!

That’s why relying on a home professional could be the best thing to do: he will listen to you, understand you and then direct you to the best choices to furnish your home in a way that reflects you 100%.

Where you will ALWAYS feel at ease and those who come to visit you will love your home even if they have tastes totally different from yours, this because it will talk about you!!!

So if you are preparing to furnish your home or if, just because of wrong choices (or not choices) you want to change something in your home do not hesitate to contact me !!!!

My job is fantastic, allowing me to relate to people with very different characters and tastes…

It is fascinating to listen to them, ask and investigate to really understand what do their taste are, so that I can help them create their dream home…

That one where it is nice to come back after a day of work, and where you are excited to share moments with friends and family.


And I have to be very careful because people often start with an idea and then go on to express sometimes diametrically opposed tastes.

To really understand, I ask a lot of questions!

Not only, but I also show a lot of pictures of different styles to try to catch the moment when that twinkle in the eye arises that lets me know that that is exactly the genre they like.

It’s not always easy: sometimes you get those who are a little eclectic who come to me, but they still do it their own way!

In fact, I happened to find a foreign client who bought a really superb property who told me that he would like to furnish it with a mix of rustic and modern…

But then he shipped three containers of furniture and items of every possible and imaginable style!!!

Why am I telling you this?

It could be that you are also an original person who likes different genres because one style alone is not enough to “tell” your wonderful, multifaceted personality!

How can different styles be mixed together to create unique and special environments?

Balance is the key word! It is okay to dare, but you also have to find the correct balance between things!

How is this done?

You have to find one common thread among the various styles and environments in the house.


One of the easiest leitmotifs to use is color; different furnishings, united by color or different shades of the same color, will happily coexist in the same room.

Little “accent” touches can be given by textiles such as pillows, always without overdoing it, especially if there are more than two styles!

An example in these photos taken from a magazine:


Another way is to choose a main style and combine a few different items witch give character without weighing it down.

For example, suppose you have a preference for modern, but perhaps you inherited a beautiful antique table… you can easily combine it with modern chairs as in these examples:

(credit Pinterest)

You don’t have to give up travel or family memories: all it takes is a little attention to make sense of the combinations!

If you are putting up a house or plan to change the look of your current abode and you’d like to put different styles together but are afraid of making some stylistic “mess”, don’t hesitate to contact me.