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Home renovation? Read here to understand why it is important to choose the technician first and the contractor second.

If you’re thinking about a home renovation, it’s likely that you’re pondering how best to go about it… You are probably thinking about calling a construction company in the first place, perhaps one you trust, to get a quote and decide how to start this venture directly with them. I imagine this because I admit, […]

Is “turnkey solution” really worth it?

Today I would like to analyze with you the “turnkey solution” that construction companies often propose, trying to understand how it works and whether it is really worth it! A SINGLE POINT OF REFERENCE One of the key points of the turnkey solution is to deal only with the company, a single contact person that […]

Entryway and passages: instruction for use!

Often, the entryway and passages, being passage areas, are somewhat put in the background. Today I would like to focus on these two environments to make them always pleasant and harmonious (and maybe take the most advantage of them!). The entryway is the very first room we come in contact with, and it’s the house’s […]