And at the end of renovation work, what happens? “I finally enjoy the house!” you’ll tell me! Whether it is your permanent home or a second home… And you’re right! AND AT THE END OF RENOVATION WORK? But I take inspiration from a fact that happened to me a few days ago, to make you […]

Knowing how to face a renovation in the best possible way, small or large, is really important to prevent the dream from becoming a nightmare! We have said it several times, restructuring is not a picnic, and it can be very stressful, but some tricks can “facilitate” this path! THREE TRICKS TO FACILITATE THE PATH […]

Today I would like to tackle the topic of “trends” with you, even in furniture, in fact I would like to explain to you why in home furnishings you should NEVER chase the fashion of the moment! NEW TRENDS ATTRACT BUT WHAT ARE THEY? Most people tend to be heavily influenced by the fashion of […]

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