small bedroom

A small bedroom is one of the most challenging spaces to furnish because it contains the most cumbersome furniture, like the bed, which you can’t do without! So, let’s see what to do when you have a small bedroom and want to make it functional and cozy! – PRIORITIZE THE ESSENTIALS If the bedroom is […]

interior design rules

Should interior design rules always be followed to the letter to create harmonious environments that represent us? I would dare say no! While it’s true that general interior design rules can indeed provide an excellent starting point, it’s equally correct that they often need to be broken! Only then can the home reflect us deeply […]

Furnishing a home

Furnishing a home without a plan is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you decide to set up a house. That is because the result may not be what you desired, aesthetically and, more importantly, functionally! And this could cost you dearly, financially, but mainly in terms of well-being! Let’s go through […]

improving spaces

Lately, especially during the live sessions with Dr. Francesca Basile, I’ve been talking about change and the importance of improving our spaces so they can always support us! However, often, when we want to make changes to our home, we don’t know where to start! In fact, we’re so used to our spaces that we […]

Cozy small home

Do you have a small home and don’t know how to make it beautiful, cozy, and functional? We’ve said it other times: a small home is definitely more challenging to furnish, but not impossible. Nowadays, especially with new constructions, encountering this type of housing is very likely! Let’s see what to do in the case […]

bedroom color combiantions

Colors, as we know, can influence our emotions, so it’s essential to consider how we want to feel in a given environment to choose the right ones. That applies to the entire house, but especially to the bedroom because it’s where we most need to feel good and safe, thus promoting also good sleep! So […]

home that supports well-being

The home is not just a roof under which to eat and sleep but a LIVE place that supports us in every aspect, especially our psychophysical well-being. The home should be that place where we feel good, where we let down our defenses, and where we rediscover and are ourselves! To truly make it so, […]

Always tidy home

In several articles, I’ve emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistently tidy home for an organized, inviting, harmonious, and refined living space. Avoiding visual clutter is crucial not only for aesthetic appeal but also for higger well-being, both mentally and physically. A tidy home reduces stress, enhances focus, improves sleep, and even improves self-esteem. Some […]

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