Blind bathroom

The blind bathroom, i.e., without windows, is provided for by Italian regulations if it is a second bathroom or the only bathroom if the house is small with only one bedroom. Today I would like to share with you some tips on making this type of bathroom beautiful and functional. – AERATION The first and […]

home decorating tricks

Today I want to share with you some home decorating tricks you can use right away that will help you furnish and decorate your home to the fullest! I have already mentioned some of these tricks in other articles, but it never hurts to repeat them! 1 – USE OF MASKING TAPE – FOR FURNITURE […]

Kitchen island

A kitchen with an island is many people’s dream; if it is yours too, you are in the right place: in fact, today, I want to give you some ideas to design the right island for you! People usually opt for a kitchen with an island when they have an open-plan kitchen-living space because the […]

Decorate home in spring

Decorating home differently for each season is a way to give new life to our homes while giving them new energy too! You don’t need big things because then we know we have to retire them at the following season change: just small touches that can make a difference, though! Spring is approaching, so here […]


Today I would like to resume the design elements rubric by telling the story of extraordinary objects that have become everyday and sometimes taken a bit for granted! These are objects that we know very well, some so simple that we feel like they have always existed, yet they are born of someone’s genius! Here […]

nature into home

Bringing some nature into the home becomes really important because it has a scientifically proven beneficial impact on our being: it brings a good mood and improves the quality of life by reducing stress! Actually, it’s vital not only in homes but in architecture in general. Have you ever heard of Biophilic design? It is […]

hanging curtains

Curtains, I always say, are really essential when furnishing and decorating a house! This is because they dress the windows and bring warmth, textures, and wanting colors to the room. Today I would like to look at some common mistakes you make when putting up curtains and also how to do it in special situations […]

Creating an entrance

It is increasingly easy nowadays to find houses where you enter DIRECTLY into the living area and therefore it’s important creating an entrance area where, in fact, there is none! Let’s look together at some ideas for doing this; it goes without saying that a lot will depend on the configuration of the room! – […]

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