decorating home

When it’s time for decorating your home, it’s easy to seek inspiration from magazines and the internet. Often, we come across quite magnificent settings, but be careful about copying them because some solutions are indeed impractical!!! The home should be beautiful but, above all, functional! Let’s look at some elements that may have the wow […]

to renovate home

The end of the year is approaching, and often, with the arrival of the new one, we have a desire for changes in the house: so here are 7 tips to renovate your home! 1 – MAKE ORDER Well, I understand it might not be the most exciting piece of advice, but tidying up is […]

Color of the Year 2024

As every year, in the autumn, the major brands in the color industry make their suggestions for the color of the upcoming year; let’s see what the proposed for “The Color of the Year 2024” are! – BENJAMIN MOORE – Blue Nova 825 This year, Benjamin Moore proposes a color that is actually a blend […]

living room mistakes

Today, I’d like to talk about the living room and discuss 6 common mistakes we could probably make, how to avoid them, and how to fix them to create a beautiful, inviting, and comfortable space. The living room is where we go when we want to unwind, read a good book, watch TV, or enjoy […]

Open space

Open space is a concept that you often see in modern homes. Some time ago, I talked about how to divide an open space kitchen and living room. Today, I want to give you some tips to make your open space beautiful and functional. 1 – PLAN HOW YOU WANT TO USE THE SPACE It’s […]

white for walls

If you’re not a person who loves colorful walls in your home and prefers them white, then this article is for you because it’s easy to say white! Often, white is thought to be the easiest choice: it’s a neutral and elegant color that goes with everything. In reality, it’s not as simple as it […]

comfortable small bedroom

The bedroom is where we spend one-third of our lives; it’s a room that affects our sleep and, consequently, our days! Compared to other rooms, we often give less importance to the bedroom because it’s the one we see only ourselves. On the contrary, it should be the one we prioritize because it’s where we […]

home depressing

Your home should be the place where you recharge, relax, and feel good; but if it’s not that way, if you feel like your home is depressing and it doesn’t help you recover from the anxiety and stress that inevitably builds up throughout the day, then it’s time to take action! Before we begin, I […]

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