kitchen trends 2023

Today I would like to address the kitchen topic by seeing together the trends for 2023! The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, the room we experience most, not only for cooking and eating! So it must be carefully chosen and studied. Let’s see what the coming year brings! – GREEN COLOR Let’s […]

designer lamp

Some time ago, I had talked about 10 iconic lamps to know, but as you can imagine of famous designer lamps (here you can fine the Italian video), there are many more! So today I’d like to introduce you to 7 more. 1 – FALKLAND LAMP Designed by Bruno Munari in 1964 for the firm […]

articoli ikea

A year or so ago, I talked about 15 Ikea items that, while remaining affordable, could give that refined touch to the home without making it clear where they came from… Well, today, I would like to add new products, always designer approved! 1 – APPLARYD This sofa is relatively recent, and as you can […]

how much does home staging cost?

I often hear the question: “How much does home staging cost?!” Albeit it is not easy to give a precise answer because the figure depends on so many factors: the size of the house, whether it is inhabited or not, the location of the house (i.e. ease of use)… let’s at least try to give […]

scented home

Having a scented home is very important for one’s well-being; in fact, scents, like light and colors, act on our psyche, making us feel good or not. We experience the home with all the senses, so also with the smell, and a scented home will elevate the perception of rooms by giving them a touch […]

decorate like a pro

A couple of weeks ago, we looked together at some tips for decorating a home in style (you can find it here), Today I would like to give more tips on decorating a home like a real pro!!! – AVOIDING VISUAL CHAOS Avoiding visual chaos will definitely make a big difference in the perception of […]

colore dell'anno 2023

We are now in the last part of the year, and like every year, we start talking about home color trends for the coming year, each brand proposing its color of the year 2023. While waiting for the very familiar color of the year 2023 by Pantone, let’s see what other brands in the industry […]

Decorate home in style

Today, I would like to share with you some tips and tricks used by interior designers to decorate home with style! A few suggestions are really very simple and usable right away in your home! – SCALE AND PROPORTIONS It is paramount that furniture and accessories are correctly scaled to the size of the room […]

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