mix different patterns

Is it possible to mix different patterns? Polka dots, stripes, paintings, flowers, and so forth… are patterns that bring joy and a touch of character to the home. As for the different styles, even with the patterns, you can play by combining them together, of course, all with some criteria to avoid falling into exaggeration: […]

Paintings on walls

Paintings, prints, and photographs are decorative elements on walls that immediately catch the eye! Deciding, on a given wall, which and how many paintings, taking the measurements, and planting the nails is not as simple as saying it! It happens, in fact, that you spend time on this work only to see that: – the […]

entryway and passages

Often, the entryway and passages, being passage areas, are somewhat put in the background. Today I would like to focus on these two environments to make them always pleasant and harmonious (and maybe take the most advantage of them!). The entryway is the very first room we come in contact with, and it’s the house’s […]

how to choose floors

How to choose floors? Are you about to furnish a home, change it, or perhaps renovate it? It is an actually beautiful emotion: you go shopping, choose materials and furniture… everything to create your own nest according to your personality. Let’s focus on how to choose the floors because they are the highest difficult ones […]

perception of environments

Changing the perception of environments with colors is it possible? Visual perception has a strong impact on our brains: a room will seem smaller if it is empty, compared to a furnished one! This is because the furnishings delimit spaces but, above all, they are for us a “measuring meter”. For example, if we see […]

To give character to the home

To Give character to the home is not always easy! When you furnish your home, you often go to a furniture store and buy more or less all the furniture in the same style, and paint the walls only white, so you can be sure that everything is absolutely harmonious! Is it wrong? Absolutely not, […]

different styles together

My job is fantastic, allowing me to relate to people with very different characters and tastes… It is fascinating to listen to them, ask and investigate to really understand what do their taste are, so that I can help them create their dream home… That one where it is nice to come back after a […]

to change home colors

The other day a friend told me he wanted to change the colors of his home, that he had read all my posts on the psychology of color, that he had mulled over several times. But… he absolutely could not decide. This was because there were too many colors that he liked and somehow felt […]

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