Knowing how to face at the best a renovation, small or large, is really important to prevent the dream from becoming a nightmare!

We have said it several times, restructuring is not a picnic, and it can be very stressful, but some tricks can “facilitate” this path!


Let’s see them together, in order:


If you need to renovate, unless you just have to redo the floors and/or whitewash, you MUST turn to a professional for the project, for the bureaucratic part, for safety on-site and, indeed, follow the work!

Be careful that not all professionals do everything I have just mentioned, so I recommend making sure that it can follow every part, not to risk any kind of sanctions!


I know, it’s not the first time you’ve heard me say it, but that’s because it’s really the cornerstone of the whole process!

Where to start?

If you don’t build from scratch you must surely start from the current state map!

From there, if you rule out any load-bearing walls, you can really go wild!

But I suggest you start with the furniture!

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but if you study the rooms from the furniture you’ll be able to create really functional settings!

Once you have identified the furniture, you can decide on the appropriate size for each room.

Once this is done, or at the same time, you can choose the materials and finishes, so that they will match the chosen furniture!

Then you can study the various systems, the electrical one, in particular, will be studied ad hoc for the position of the various elements present, making the environment even more comfortable!


having clear the work to be done and the materials you want to use will make it easier for you to search and find the right professionals!

I know that often we start from the choice of the constructor, but it is unthinkable that everyone can do everything!

Laying a resin, for example, is certainly not the same as laying tiles and requires different skills!

If you have a clear idea of what you want to do you can choose a constructor or craftsmen SPECIALISED who will surely know how to do a good job!

Better a single constructor or individual craftsmen?

It always depends on the works you want to do, there are the pros and cons in both cases:

– with a single constructor, you have only one contact person and the professionals working inside already know each other, this could save time,

– if turn on individual craftsmen you may get lower prices, because, easily the company will add a more or less large percentage on the quote of the individual professional!

In any case, if you choose a constructor, make sure that it does the work directly and not subcontract to another company, in this case, you can be sure that the prices will be much higher!


Doing this will allow you to have a clear understanding of the costs you are about to face, and the picture is total!

So, not having yet “lifted a finger” you can always fix things!

Once you’ve done these three things, you can start work!

Will everything go smoothly?!

Well, it’s really hard because a few hitches and a few unexpected are easy to happen, it’s part of it!

If you invest some time in the research for the right professionals, but especially in the project, you will surely reduce the problems!

And the stress that follows and you will surely be able to face your renovation in the best way!

Even at an economic level, the possible cost increases are reduced, because the quotes for the works are based on a well-detailed project, and therefore, unless there is a change in the race on your part or something unexpected, the prices will remain the same!


To face at the best a renovation is possible, the important thing is not to be in a hurry to start the work without having clear ideas!

Among other things, when everything is well planned, it allows you to speed up the whole process and not just a little bit because everyone will have clear what to do and so there will be no waste of time!

The investment made in the project and research will pay off!

If you’re going through a renovation and you’re feeling a little lost, don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Today I would like to analyze with you the “turnkey solution” that construction companies often propose, trying to understand how it works and whether it is really worth it!


One of the key points of the turnkey solution is to deal only with the company, a single contact person that will take care of everything!

And this, it is true, is excellent practicality: it takes away a thousand complications, a thousand thoughts!

We have to deal with one person who will report everything to us and to whom we will tell our wishes.

Everything else will be taken care of by the company.

Let’s analyze the turnkey solution in detail:

it will be the construction company that will decide the workers who will work in your house.

And it is possible that it will subcontract to another company that will choose the artisans with whom to work…

One less burden for you who would otherwise have to look for the plumber, the electrician, the tiler, the mason, the decorator…

In addition, the fact that the various workers know each other and perhaps collaborate regularly is undoubtedly a positive factor.

Knowing how the other works makes the whole thing much “smoother”!


There is one factor to consider, however, which is the markup that the main contractor: the one you will be paying, will put on the price of the individual artisan…

The price you have been quoted by the constructor company you have chosen is undoubtedly higher than the price each artisan charged to do the work on your house…

If there are then subcontractors, this price increases even more:

  • the artisan makes his price, hands it over to the contractor, who puts his markup on it,
  • hands it over to the main contractor,
  • who in turn will markup and present you with the bill…

You have no control over this markup and especially no idea how much it might be!

If I tell you, it might as well be 68%!

No, it’s not a number put there at random: it’s really the markup that was given to a customer!

I found out in retrospect by getting in touch with one of the artisans who had worked on their house: in talking, he told me what he had asked for that job…
At home, among the various documents, I still had the price calculator and I, therefore, saw the price that had been asked of them.

And the difference was precisely 68%!!! Not an insignificant amount of money, right?


– you will be assigned a technician, surveyor, or architect who will be in charge of all the planning and bureaucratic part.

In addition, they will have to take care of the construction management by making sure that everything is done in the best possible way and finding solutions if any inconveniences occur; and they will have to take care of and also coordinate safety on the construction site.

The technician is there to look out for your interests and protect you; but, if you don’t pay him directly, but the contractor, who maybe regularly gets him jobs in case of problems, will he really look out for your interests or the interests of the contractor?

I can assure you that he really won’t care about you!

Not only that, it often happens that the technicians assigned by the company are not included in their staff, so they fish here and there for freelancers who manage to pay very little.

This fact is not irrelevant because if he is underpaid, how much attention will he put into the work, and with what results?

It goes without saying that if you work with a professional construction company, you will not have any sort of problems, but…


the materials will be suggested to you from among those that the constructor company gets from various representatives/suppliers… this results in the fact that you will have a decidedly limited choice, it seems clear that a company does not have a wide range of products to show, they are not suppliers!

But the most vital factor is the price: what value does the material you are suggested really have compared to the final price you pay?

I tell you this because I have seen unbelievable prices, a striking case is of doors paid 580 euros whose commercial value was a maximum of 200 euros.

Now, it goes without saying that you have to add the labor, the shipping, and also the work the company puts in to contact the supplier: choose the material, order it, be present at the delivery, check that everything is in place, but do you understand that even then at 580 you don’t get there?

But there are so many materials: flooring, sanitary ware, interior and exterior fixtures… what really is their value, and how much did you pay for them?


For these reasons, 9 times out of 10, the way this turnkey solution is proposed to you, it’s really not worth it…

So do you have to take care of everything and everyone? Absolutely not…

And I can help you:

– you will pay the workers directly and hold their estimate!

– you will have an architect who will take care of everything, but again you will pay him directly, so he will be in “your employ” (yes, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but at least it gives the idea).

– we will go and choose materials in the best places, where there is plenty of choices and where you will be fully aware of the value of what you have in your home!


You will only have to deal with the architect and me!
We will be your contacts, and we will take care of everything!

Want to know more?

Contact me!!!