Story of a regretful bank clerk who left a permanent employment to follow her childhood dream!

Let me tell you something about my story, because only then you will understand if I am or not the right person for you!

My name is Virginie, I was born in France, near Paris, but I have been living in Italy since I was 8 years old. I have nothing of French attitude, excluding nationality; I can only say that I am a mix of my origins: I’m half Portuguese, half Italian… that’s why I love to think that I encompass a lot of styles and cultures.

Extroverted and Creative, I always try to see the good side in everyone and to grasp the bright side of everything, especially in the small and simple attentions like details.

I am a mother of three children who, because of their different ages and needs, are able to keep me always up!

I’ve continuously been passionate about home, but for a long time my path hasn’t been the one I’m telling you: for 14 years I’d been working in a bank! But one day I DECIDED and I’ve made the plunge: to follow my biggest dream, which had been closed into a drawer since I was a teenager!

Once, when I was 11/12 years old, I was watching the movie “Mrs Doubtfire” with Robin Williams, his wife was an Interior Designer, and in that instant I understood that I’d like to do this job.

So, as I said, I’ve made the plunge, and now I can say: “the love at the first sight” must be followed! I’ve done it and I’m happy.

If once, every time I entered in a room I would fantasise,  imagining the thousands different possibilities of furnishing, now I’m ready to help you and your home.

Because, when a passion is true, authentic and it resubmits,  well, you cannot ignore it, you must absolutely re-open the drawer!

I’ve done it! I enrolled in an Interior Design course, I studied and so I could finally turn my passion into a profession…

Integrating furnishing studies, I found to be particularly sensitive to Interior photography,  which fascinates and captures me, maybe for its malleable flexibility and its iron technique rules, a bit like me: as I was before (technical) and as I am now (creative). I did many courses to specialize in Interior photography, and since there I have discovered home staging, which combines my passion for home with photography, so I did a course that allows me to be a professional home stager.

Now, if you love home like me… you have some interests similar to mine, you loved my presentation, a little crazy as I am, call me and we will solve together your problems, we will make your home the place where you can pamper yourself in the grey days, or where being protagonist during dinner with friends, or even just simply where growing up your children every day.

I’m here to put my passion and my competence at your service to help you to sell or rent your property, or to make your home really special and unique that can fully reflect your personality…

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