The story of a regretful banker who quits a stable job to pursue a childhood dream!

Hi, I’m Virginie.

I was born in France near Paris, but I’ve lived in Italy since I was 8.

I am French by nationality, but I love to define myself as a melting pot, a complete mix of my origins.

Yes, because I am half Portuguese and half Italian, so I can only embrace more diverse styles and cultures.

I love details…

Outgoing and imaginative, I try to see the beauty in everything – a sunny day, a laugh with friends, a Sunday with family; but, above all, I am immensely fond of simple attentions and small gestures.

Yes, they are details and nuances, but they are the significant things that make a difference.

So, here I am to make a difference with you, not for you!

But before we dive in, let me share a bit more about myself: I am a mother of three children, and thanks to their different ages and needs, they keep me constantly on my toes!

I have always been passionate about the theme of HOME, but for a period – let’s call it a long 14-year stretch – I worked in a bank while holding onto a small yet significant dream in the back of my mind.

Following dreams is essential…

But one day – yes, I did it: I left my stable job at the bank and took the major leap, pursuing my dream. I finally realized that what I had desired since I was 11 or 12 could become a reality.

As a child, I watched the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” with Robin Williams, and I dreamed of having the same job as the protagonist’s wife.

Today, I can say that we are colleagues, that is, interior designers.

When I made my decision, many dear people initially thought I was making a mistake.

However, I am convinced that when you have a true passion, you should follow it.

If I fell in love with homes in all their aspects, I had and still have to be the instrument for my clients, putting my passion at the service of those who want to collaborate with me in creating the home of their dreams.

Helping my clients and being a support makes me happy!

Of course, passion and tenacity are not enough, so I hit the books again, completed a course in Interior Design, and now my once-dream-in-the-drawer is a full-fledged profession!

I can help you bring your dream home to life!

If before, I envisioned changing the “outfit” of every home I entered with colors, furnishings, and accessories, now I am here ready to take care of your home and make your dream come true.

Because, in the end, if a passion is authentic, it ends up asserting itself prominently- and so dreams should never be abandoned.

What do you decide to do?

Shall we create together the home of your dreams? Contact me now!

I am here to put my passion and professionalism at your service to help you make your home truly unique and special, reflecting your personality to the fullest!

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