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Neutral colors, mainly warm neutrals, are popular in interior design because they make rooms cozy, inviting, and relaxing.

However, one must know how to use them to avoid making them flat and boring, that will lead to somewhat impersonal rooms.

Choosing a neutral-colored palette often stems from the fear of making a mistake or overdoing the colors.

But even the misuse of neutrals may not give the desired result and, most of all, may not fully represent one’s personality!

If you want to learn more about how to choose neutrals for the home, I talk about it here!

One nice thing about neutrals is that they are the perfect base for virtually any style and are very versatile for color matching.

So let’s see how to make the use of neutrals attractive and dynamic!


Walls and ceilings seem to be the easy part: I choose the color, I paint, and that’s it!

Instead, there are many ways, many finishes, and techniques regarding painting, which used with neutrals can really make a difference by making the color more vibrant.

In a simplified way, here are three techniques that enhance warm neutrals.

– there is lime wash which is made of lime and other minerals, is naturally based, and is given with a brush.

Glaze effects are created that give depth and dimension to the color.

– there is Venetian plaster formed from marble powders with lime putty.

It has a thick consistency, so it’s given with a trowel, which makes the surface perfectly smooth.

– there is roman clay, a thick paint made from chalk and other natural ingredients; it is given with a trowel.

It creates a finish similar to Venetian plaster and looks like natural stone.

(credits: cose di casa;

In addition to wall paintings, you can also think about using stones, bricks, or wooden laths to give the room a little more dimensionality!

It is not mandatory, as always, to use these elements on all walls; on the contrary, but they can be helpful to enhance an architectural detail or create an original focal point.


For more rustic styles, wood can also be used in the ceiling by putting beautiful beams!

This will help to give some rhythm to the environment!

(credits: greybirchdesigns;


To make your rooms appealing, it’s a great idea to use different neutrals, so add some warm neutrals to a room with mainly cool neutrals and vice versa.

And especially to play with the different saturations and shades of the various neutrals.

This thing is actually always helpful to give depth and movement to rooms, but it becomes all the more so when you choose a monochromatic or precisely neutral-color palette!

With the same principle, it is also good to play with different textures by mixing smoother finishes (both in fabrics and objects) with rougher ones.



Neutral colors are a great tie-in for different furniture and accessories.

Putting different styles together is another great way to liven up the neutral color palette.

You will be able to create a play of shapes giving, over all, personality!

The same goes for patterns: mixing different ones will help make your spaces dynamic and contemporary.

In mixing patterns, I would say to avoid too strong color contrasts: better a tone on tone.

(credits: tthese_beautiful_thingss;


We’ve said neutral colors are calming and relaxing, so create something unexpected using large paintings or mirrors!

It will obviously be the focal point of the room.

Use particular patterns and, above all, some contrast to the wall to make it stand out.

However, this doesn’t only apply to paintings but, if you wish, also to decorative objects: think, for example, of a man-high vase with branches in it!

Or even a large plant that almost reaches the ceiling!

These are all things that help give rhythm and vibrancy to environments!


Pay also attention when choosing decorative items in general, choosing original pieces that can attract the eye by guiding it from one corner of the room to another.

Think of elements that are a bit out of the ordinary by creating distinctive and eye-catching compositions!

Sometimes, for this purpose, street markets are really a gold mine!

(credits: H&M Home; @hoskelsa)

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