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Today I would like to emphasize again the importance of starting with the furniture project when you have to renovate your home!

I know it’s not the first time you’ve heard me say this, but it’s so paramount that it’s good to bring it up again every once in a while.

The furniture project should be done even when we “simply” have to furnish a home (especially if we are starting from scratch) to really make sure that we get a result that represents us fully.

Where well or poorly the furniture was already there, I can grant to skip this step ONLY if the renovation would involve redoing the bathrooms and, at most, the floor.

That is because we assume material choices will be made based on the style and color palette you already have!

Actually, even here, it would be better to do a minimum of planning to be sure that everything you have (or otherwise want to keep) will fit and can be put in a practical way!


In all other cases, however, it remains sure that it is really essential to start with the furniture project!

The reasons why I insist on this are many, although, in the end, the main reason is only one: that you can have the home of your dreams, a home that can truly represent you!

For this to happen, it is not enough to have a “beautiful” house; it must also be functional!

I open a small parenthesis, in case you have to buy furniture from scratch: when I talk about furniture design, I am talking about a preliminary design.

That is, having an idea of what elements you need to make a functional room with the addition of a moodboard and color palette.

So it’s not that you have to previously know that you’re going to have that specific credenza, for example, but that you would want a credenza well or poorly of that size, shape, and color.

The moodboard and color palette will help you choose materials.

Having specified this, let’s see in detail why to start with the furniture project, whether you already have the furniture or need to buy it!


That is especially if you decide to make structural changes by altering the size of rooms by tearing down and rebuilding some partitions.

By what criteria will you decide (excluding the minimum dimensions imposed by law, of course) the size of new rooms if you have no clear idea of the furniture you want to put there or how to arrange the existing one?

A few inches could make a massive difference in having a comfortable and functional environment from one that is not!

A furniture project will also be able to get you out of the box, if necessary, by perhaps creating unusual room arrangements that might, however, be more functional to your way of being!


How many times have you heard me say that lighting is the most significant part of interior design?

How can you study an authentically functional system without knowing where you will place the furniture?

You will end up studying general lighting and then put sockets more or less everywhere for prudence!

But now imagine that you are lucky enough with a large living room, so large that when you place the furniture, you decide to put the conversation area in the middle, with no element leaning against the wall.

How will you be able to have good lighting in that area?

It will not be possible for you to have any floor or table lamp unless you have ugly, as dangerous, flying wires on the ground!

With a furnishing project done before, you could have had one or more sockets on the floor!

The matter of systems is obviously not limited to the electrical one, think for example, the kitchen:

if you have no idea how you want it, you could decide to leave the connections where they are…

And then maybe find it inconvenient to have, for example, the sink to the right of the burners rather than to the left!

Or you might think you have an island and maybe have the sink or burners on this island.

But how do you decide exactly where to put the connections if you haven’t designed the kitchen?

That applies whether you have to buy a new kitchen or reposition the old one because certainly, some changes will have to be made!


Does this point seem strange to you? Now I’ll explain why you can save time, and even money, by investing time in the furnishing project!

If everything is clear and defined, you’ll be able to choose the best construction company or artisans for the work you have to do. By giving them an accurate project, they will make you targeted estimates and not be dictated only by their experience based on similar works.

That will ensure that, excluding unforeseen events, prices will not change during the work!

Furthermore, there will be no waste of time, having clear everything there is to do!

Even, if you have to buy the furniture (all or in part), knowing what you want precisely, with a quick search, you will be able to choose the furniture store or shops that are right for you, and you will save a lot of time!

Do you see how investing in the furnishing project is an advantage?

Don’t be afraid to play with the plan of the house, print several copies, draw to scale and cut out the furnishing accessories and study different solutions until you find the one that satisfies you the most!

If you have any doubts, or would you prefer help, do not hesitate to contact me!!

I hope this article was helpful and you love it; in case, let me know in the comments!

Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested.

I will be honored, and it will help me get my name out there.

If you feel that your home, or some environment of it, does not reflect you enough, do not wait any longer and book your consultancy!

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