Casa invitante, rilassante e armoniosa

Having a cozy, relaxing, and harmonious home has a positive impact not only visually but also emotionally!

The environment around us, including our interiors, significantly influences our psychophysical well-being; it’s scientifically proven!

It’s paramount, therefore, to be able to create settings that can support us, “nourish” us in everyday life and give us peace and serenity.

Let’s see today some ideas to bring harmony and well-being into our homes!


It’s not the first time I’ve said it, and even though it may seem obvious, I prefer to repeat it: a tidy home is decidedly more inviting and relaxing than a messy one.

And this is not only for potential guests but also for ourselves!

Chaos, even just having a room too cluttered, creates visual overstimulation that induces a sense of discomfort!

Imagine a well-kept lawn with beautiful trees and flowers, and now imagine the same lawn with tall grass, flowers scattered randomly, and maybe too many trees suffocating each other…

Where would you prefer to stay?

The same goes for the home!

I know it’s not always easy, but first of all, it’s essential to eliminate everything that is not used or no longer serves a purpose.

That will help free up space and allow for better organization of the remaining items.

Using baskets, decorative boxes, or storage furniture where you can put things away can be a valuable aid in keeping the house tidy.

Getting into the habit of tidying up before going to sleep is crucial: upon waking up, you won’t have the stress of having to organize, and the day will start in a more serene and calm manner.

You might also find that changing the position of furniture and objects to optimize the spaces could be a good idea!

So, don’t be afraid to move and rearrange things; you might discover that the new arrangement is more functional and aesthetically pleasing!

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As we’ve mentioned several times, the bedroom is the most relevant room in the house because it’s where we let go of all our defenses when we go to sleep.

It’s paramount, therefore, that it is inviting and relaxing.

To achieve this, you can help yourself by dressing the bed in a cozy way, with blankets and pillows, so that it makes you feel like slipping in and letting yourself be embraced.

You can also use a soft carpet; here, a long pile might make sense, as the traffic is minimal, often barefoot or at most with slippers.

Use bedside lamps with warm lights to promote relaxation and sleep.

Avoid using cell phones and tablets because the blue light they emit disrupts sleep.

It would also be better to avoid having a television in the bedroom for the same reason.

If, by chance, you have your workspace in the bedroom, find a way to screen it so that you don’t see it when you’re in bed.

Otherwise, your thoughts will unconsciously go to work again, disturbing your sleep.

Some plants and relaxing scents like lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile help with relaxation!



There are also other places to create relaxation corners!

One of these is the bathroom; no matter how small it may be, it can become a small spa!

The first thing to do is to have soft towels, perhaps some candles and fresh fragrances, and, why not, a bit of music.

Use the bathroom to take a moment for yourself and regenerate!

Then, explore the rest of the house, maybe in the living room, and find a small spot (perhaps near the window) where you can create a relaxation corner.

It takes very little: a comfortable chair and a lamp (perhaps even a plant), and the trick is done!

That will be the place to retreat to for reading a book or listening to music!

Some plants and relaxing scents like lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile help with relaxation!



We know that we feel harmonious and peaceful when surrounded by nature.

So, there’s nothing better than bringing it indoors to evoke the same emotions.

First of all, make the most of natural light by letting it in as much as possible.

Use light-filtering curtains and, if necessary, mirrors to amplify it!

In addition to plants and flowers, another way to bring nature indoors is by using organic elements such as cotton, linen, and wool for fabrics and wood and wicker for furniture and accessories.

Also, opt for neutral and light colors and use a warm color temperature for artificial lights.

All of this creates a calm and relaxing mood.

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We mentioned it earlier; neutral and light colors help create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere!

When I talk about light neutrals, I don’t just mean white, gray, or cream, but also any desaturated colors (meaning white or gray has been added).

That allows for the use of colors and adds a particular play and visual interest.

Of course, this doesn’t mean giving up vibrant colors, but better to use them in small doses!

Blues and greens also have the calming and relaxing properties of neutral colors because they are colors we often see in nature.

So you can use them in more saturated tones, even on large surfaces like walls.

Remember, if you prefer cool blues or neutrals, warm them with warm colors or elements like wood!

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To bring harmony and well-being into your home, you need to experience it fully.

It’s not enough for the house to be visually pleasing; it must engage all five senses.

Having different textures and consistencies, smooth – rough, soft – solid, for example, creates rhythm and depth and also engages the sense of touch!

Textiles like pillows, curtains, and rugs “soften” the environment, not only visually but also acoustically; voices and sounds will resonate less and be more pleasant!

Finally, scents!

Smell is the most powerful of our five senses and is closely tied to memories and emotions!

Scents can influence our mood and concentration!

Keep your home always fragrant with the help of candles and essential oils (you can find other suggestions here).

Among the best scents for calming and relaxing environments are lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

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I hope this article has been helpful and enjoyable for you. If so, let me know in the comments!

Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested, I would be honored, and it will help me gain more exposure.

If you feel that your home, or any specific area of it, doesn’t reflect your personality enough, don’t wait any longer and book your consultancy!

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