How to choose floors?

Are you about to furnish a home, change it, or perhaps renovate it?

It is an actually beautiful emotion: you go shopping, choose materials and furniture… everything to create your own nest according to your personality.

Let’s focus on how to choose the floors because they are the highest difficult ones because the most definitive…

But it is also the one that is often undervalued or rather done without considering the whole!


The first choice to make is the material among tiles, marble, terracotta, parquet, resin, stone, cement, or even carpet and linoleum, even if this two are less used.

It’s a style choice!

Broadly speaking, but of course, everything is declinable:

– the tiles adapt to a tendentially modern style;

– wood, in various shades, and marble are more versatile and adapt to everything, but give the best with a classic style;

– terracotta and stone are more for a rustic style;

– the cement fits well with an industrial style;

– the resin fits with everything, it will depend on the decorations and the finish.

Whatever your choice is, you have to take into account that the floor is in effect a piece of furniture, with its own color!!!

It may seem obvious, however, when we talk about the tiles, there is attention to their colors.

But, for the parquet and the terracotta, their shades go into the background or are chosen based on the impulse of the moment.

Let’s make an introduction, for many years there has been the possibility of having a floor that looks like a parquet, but it is not wood: in fact, there are laminate and porcelain stoneware planks.

At first, the fake parquet was really immediately recognizable, now we must admit that these reproductions, with the naked eye, can often be mistaken for wood.

Not only that, they are becoming very material and so, even to the touch, except that they are colder, you might think it is a wood essence if you have underfloor heating, a good porcelain stoneware could almost mislead you!

The same is true for terracotta: today, there is some fake porcelain stoneware that satisfies the eye, but that is much easier to manage!


Whatever the choice, shades, sizes, shape, and laying become, as mentioned, furniture elements to all effects and must be studied according to the style you want to give to the house!

Neutral colors, light or dark do not matter, will adapt to any style and will act as a background; you will only have to pay attention to the shades, that is: if you choose a dark floor, try to put light furniture so as not to burden the environment!

Colors tending to reddish or yellowish, if saturated, instead they are more difficult to combine both in style, but above all in colors!

A yellow-colored floor cannot be matched with pink-colored furniture (and vice versa!).

Loaded colors must be “played down” with whites, contrasting colors, and gray.

A note: the stronger the saturation is, the more the gray must be quantitatively greater or it must darken, otherwise it will not be noticed.

If you choose the parquet, remember that the woods are more or less knotty, and you have to take it into account when choosing the style of your house!

Knotty wood fits better with rustic styles, and smooth wood is good with modern style
Furthermore, it is NOT good to mix different types of essences!

The advice is to combine at most three, with colors decisively distant from each other!

If you already have items of furniture, keep them, or better, their colors, in mind when choosing the floor; but, if you are starting from scratch, think about what kind of furniture you would like, to see the whole and so to choose the right material and color!

If you have any doubts about how to choose floors, don’t hesitate to contact me!