Here, it’s happened again! some customers have relied on the wrong people, they have not done a detailed project and now they have problems!

It really makes me angry when I hear these things, but unfortunately, these things happen not so rarely as you might think!

I met a couple of foreigners who have recently finished renovating a beautiful farmhouse. They called me for a furniture consultation.

As we went on with our part, obviously, small flaws emerged like the absence of sockets where they would be served…
Disruptions that however we managed to fix, calling again the electrician who placed some other sockets… obviously with an extra cost!

Even the kitchen, we had to study it according to the connections already present!
Fortunately, the landlady already had in mind to have an island where she wanted a sink, so we had the connections there too, but it took a moment to be able to study a functional kitchen with certain “constraints” that forced us to put the cooktop and the sink where the connections were present and the rest accordingly.

All’s well that ends well, we have furnished the house which is absolutely pleasant and functional, but… (oh yes, there is a but, otherwise I would not be here to write to you!), Living the house the owners could touch two things that are not good.

One is simple and easily solvable, that is the calcareous water… I called a specialized company and they will come and install a water softener device soon.
There is a flaw for not having thought of it before, that is about the cramped space where to put the softener device: obviously thinking about it before you could perhaps have studied better, not so much for the available space, that we can’t change, how much what to put and how to put it.
Anyway, it’s a small service room so we make it go well!

What really leaves speechless is the heating and domestic hot water system.
The customer wanted underfloor heating and, except in three rooms where there was not enough thickness, this was laid.

So Far, So Good

At work started the client asked if it would be possible to use the geothermal or heat pump to heat the house and water, this to have an energy-saving avoiding to use gas for such a big house…

I’m not going to explain the two types of system, because is not the focus now!

An estimate was made and, once accepted, the whole system was installed.

They explained us that the system would work in this way: the first source of energy comes from two solar panels when there is not enough sun the heat pump starts and if this is not enough only then the boiler should start.

Said like this it seemed like a really nice system.
Except that when the customers came to Italy they had a bitter surprise: they couldn’t get enough hot water (a tank was installed for the accumulation of hot water) and the heating didn’t work (unfortunately in that period it was rather cold).
We called the plumber and he checked everything, raised the temperatures, made some changes and the heating seemed to start… but at that point, the hot water that was already low was just not there anymore…
In those days there was a bustle of technicians: plumber, surveyor, electrician and the engineer who had designed the system…
The conclusion was that the heat pump could not be attached to the sanitary water storage tank, first of all, because it could never take it to 65° necessary to have then a good temperature from the taps, secondly because it was busy trying to heat the water in the tank did not start the heating (sanitary water takes precedence).

Then the heat pump was disconnected from the storage tank and, therefore, is used only for heating. The water will be heated only by the boiler!

The gas bills came to the customer and objectively they were quite high!
The customer then asked for a specification of the system installed to understand what his annual savings will be…
Answer: “give us a few days to do the calculations and we let you know”!

The customer was stunned, I too… the calculations shouldn’t be done before?

No, They did NOT do any calculations before to know if the system was worth or not being put… they made a general estimate, calculated on is not known what and installed a system that… doesn’t do that for which was requested!

In other words, when the customer asked for a particular system they didn’t bother to make accurate calculations, no, they made a quote and they took the money!

Why is this? first of all, because they have not studied a detailed project before, secondly because they have also ended up in the hands of people at least mediocre who have thought only of their own advantage and certainly not to give a valid customer service!

Do you see why I insist on the importance of the project?
Believe me, I know I’m repetitive, but despite this, as you may have noticed, these disasters still happen!

Now if an interview had been made to the client asking about his wishes and needs, a truly functional system would have been studied and this would be done before starting work.
In short, the customer should have been advised on the best solution for that type of home and his real needs.

Then obviously having chosen the wrong people did not help because an honest business, even after work started, would do the proper calculations and advise the customer for the best.

I’ve already written it in another article, but I would like to underline it: use the 360° project in your favor, that is when you think you have found the right surveyor or architect, ask if it is available, or better yet if it is already his habit, to do this kind of work… otherwise look for another one!
The risk otherwise is to end up like these customers and pay for something that does not fulfill the task for which it was installed!

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